First “Broadchurch” S2 Trailers Arrive

Early last year, the UK mystery drama series “Broadchurch” was THE series people were talking about. A critical darling and a massive hit for ITV with an average 9.3 million viewers an episode, it was one of those “buzzed” about bits of serialised event television you only get every few years. It also fared quite well when BBC America screened it States-side that Summer.

As with quite a few shows that hit big overseas, executives at U.S. TV networks seem to feel the need for an unnecessary remake and did one with FOX’s still airing “Gracepoint” – a show that only scored so-so reviews with critics and is pulling in dismal ratings with around 3.5 million viewers an episode.

Meanwhile, ITV has been working on a second season of “Broadchurch” since April and have been keeping quiet regarding what it’s about. Now, the network has confirmed that the series will return in January and have released two very short and vague teaser trailers for the new batch of episodes, both focusing on David Tennant and Olivia Colman’s characters.