Fincher’s “Video Synchronicity” Now Dead Too

Looks like the love affair between HBO and David Fincher is over.

Last week it was revealed that David Fincher’s proposed HBO remake of the British cult series “Utopia” was essentially dead. After having done a month of rehearsal, the actors were released from their contracts and the project was over.

HBO retains the rights so Fincher can’t take it elsewhere, and though the network said they may move forward with another director – for all intents and purposes it was over.

That led to questions about Fincher’s other HBO series, the 1980s music video scene-set “Video Synchronicity”. That project was much further along with several episodes having already been produced before production was halted for additional script work.

Today comes word from The Playlist which reports that series has released its actors as well and is now “beyond dead”.

HBO president Michael Lombardo reportedly acknowledged last month that Fincher’s divided attention between the two shows was an issue, but whether that was both shows’ ultimate undoing is unclear.