Fincher’s “Dragon Tattoo” First Footage

It’s crappy cam quality, some of the shots look like carbon copies of the Swedish-language films, and the editing is too quick to really get a feel of the way it’ll be shot.

Despite all that, holy crap a great little teaser trailer is out for David Fincher’s film adaptation of the international best-seller “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. From the looks of it he’s going as dark, if not darker than the earlier film – territory he hasn’t really explored since “Se7en”.

The tag line ‘The Feel Bad Movie Of Christmas’ is a great touch. With such little insight into the actual feel and flow of scenes, this will also only add fuel to the debate between fans.

Indeed, quite a few scenes literally look like they’ve used the exact same locations and very similar shots to the 2009 Swedish films – literally swapping out the actors. Others however give a sense of a bigger scale – the countryside painted in a little more foreboding tones which adds to the slightly darker feel.