Fincher Wants Pitt For “20,000 Leagues”

With the Hollywood version of “The Girl Who Played with Fire” still stuck in the scripting stage, filmmaker David Fincher is turning his attention back to his proposed adaptation of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” at Disney.

Variety reports that the studio has placed a three-month hold on the filmmaker as it decides whether to move forward with the project. Last we heard about the film was a year ago when Andrew Kevin Walker came onboard to re-write the script.

Fincher is now said to be courting his frequent collaborator Brad Pitt to star as sailor and master harpooner Ned Land, the role Kirk Douglas played in the 1954 film adaptation. A veteran A-List star will likely play the iconic Captain Nemo.

While neither Disney nor Pitt’s reps would comment, scheduling wise both Fincher and Pitt have the availability to tackle such a tentpole.