Fincher Remaining Involved In “Mindhunter”

Several years ago filmmaker David Fincher helped usher in Netflix’s wave of original dramas with “House of Cards,” the remake of the acclaimed British 1980s mini-series.

Fincher helmed the first two episodes of the show. Whilst his name remains attached as an executive producer, he hasn’t really been involved since that first season. With his new series “Mindhunter” though, the director won’t be so quick as to abandon his creative baby.

Jonathan Groff, who starred in the series, says one of his big concerns before hopping onboard was if Fincher was intending to not hang around. He tells The Frame:

“That was the big question I had when I sat down with him before I’d technically signed on. I was doing ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway and I flew on the day off to meet with David about ‘Mindhunter.’ He sat down and said, ‘This could potentially be years, hopefully, if it all goes great.’ And I asked him, ‘Are you here for the first episode and then you’re out? [Then] who is going to be the director?’ And he made it very clear that this was his baby and something that, if it did go for years, he was going to be very heavily involved with, which was good enough for me to sign on the dotted line.”

Fincher helmed four of the first season’s ten episodes. Netflix has yet to formally announce a renewal for season two, though it’s likely at this point.