Fincher On “Girl” Sequel,” “Cards” Status

Recently speaking with The Art Of Title about his credit sequences, filmmaker David Fincher gave a quick update on the progress of “The Girl Who Played With Fire” film adaptation which recently pushed its proposed release date from next Christmas to sometime in 2014.

Despite rumours he’s out, it seems the filmmaker is still very much developing the middle chapter in the Millennium trilogy. He tells the site “Well, [I’m] trying to figure out a sequel to ‘Dragon Tattoo.’ We’ve got to be able to make it our own thing.” Reports last week about the delay confirmed that Steve Zaillian was still working on the script.

Fincher has also been busy on the Netflix and Media Rights Capital series “House Of Cards”, the remake of the classic British political drama with Kevin Spacey taking over Ian Richardson’s role.

When asked how that’s progressing, Fincher says “I shot the first two episodes, and we’re sound mixing in the next couple of weeks and then finishing. James Foley has directed two and Joel Schumacher directed two, and now Charles McDougall has directed two. it’s up and running so that’s a fulltime job.”