December 22nd 2010
  • Comedy/Drama,
  • R,
  • 98 min,
  • Focus Features
  • Cast: Elle Fanning, Stephen Dorff, Michelle Monaghan, Laura Ramsey, Chris Pontius, Eliza Coupe, Robert Schwartzman, Caitlin Keats, Alden Ehrenreich, Karissa Shannon, Kristina Shannon, Philip Pavel, Rich Delia, Paul Greene, Nicole Trunfio, Julia Melim, Brian Gattas, Nino Frassica, Dami├ín Delgado, Alexandra Williams, Taylor Locke, Matthew Winter, Jo Champa, Maurizio Nichetti
  • Director: Sofia Coppola
  • Writer: Sofia Coppola
  • Producers: G. Mac Brown, Roman Coppola, Sofia Coppola
  • Executive Producers: Francis Ford Coppola, Paul Rassam, Fred Roos
  • Art Directions: Andrea Rosso, Shane Valentino
  • Castings: Nicole Daniels, Courtney Sheinin
  • Costume Design: Stacey Battat
  • D.O.P.: Harris Savides
  • Editor: Sarah Flack
  • Makeup: Darlene Jacobs
  • Music: Phoenix
  • Production Design: Anne Ross
  • Set Decoration: Fainche MacCarthy


From Academy Award-winning writer/director Sofia Coppola ("Lost in Translation," "The Virgin Suicides," "Marie Antoinette"), "Somewhere" is a witty, moving, and empathetic look into the orbit of actor Johnny Marco (played by Stephen Dorff). You have probably seen him in the tabloids; Johnny is living at the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood. He has a Ferrari to drive around in, and a constant stream of girls and pills to stay in with. Comfortably numbed, Johnny drifts along. Then, his 11-year-old daughter Cleo (Elle Fanning) from his failed marriage arrives unexpectedly at the Chateau. Their encounters encourage Johnny to face up to where he is in life and confront the question that we all must: which path in life will you take?

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Las Vegas, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Milan, Italy
  • MPAA Warning: Sexual content, nudity and language
  • Production Budget: $8 million
  • Production Companies: American Zoetrope
  • Production Schedule: June 2009 - July 2009

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2010 Guide Analysis: "No matter what you thought of her period spin on teen rebellion with 2006's "Marie Antoinette", director Sofia Coppola is always fascinating and she finally returns this year with this Sundance competition entry that many have been anticipating. The story itself sounds rather trite, but her directorial style can make the most mundane subject matter fascinating and certainly it feels like a harkening back to her 2003 modern masterpiece "Lost in Translation".

Focus Features, who released 'Lost', has big plans for this should the launch at Park City go as well as expected. The film could kick off a Mickey Rourke-like career resurgence for the talented but generally under-appreciated Stephen Dorff, while one potential surprise will be Jackass's Chris Pontius in a supporting role as Dorff's friend. LA's famed landmark Chateau Marmont hotel also will make for a compelling backdrop. Definitely a must-see."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 22 October 2010: Sweden
  • 28 October 2010: Denmark
  • 4 November 2010: Greece
  • 11 November 2010: Germany, Switzerland
  • 12 November 2010: Austria
  • 18 November 2010: Russia
  • 10 December 2010: UK
  • 26 December 2010: Norway
  • 31 December 2010: Finland, Malaysia
  • 5 January 2011 : France
  • 14 January 2011 : Estonia
  • 2 April 2011: Japan