Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

February 18th 2011
  • Comedy,
  • PG-13,
  • 107 min,
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Cast: Martin Lawrence, Brandon T. Jackson, Portia Doubleday, Max Casella, Ana Ortiz, Jessica Lucas, Faizon Love, Marc John Jefferies, Emily Rios, Michelle Ang, Mari Morrow, Justin Price, Greg Perrow, Henri Lubatti, Zack Mines, WalĂ©ra Kanischtscheff, Shawn Knowles, Eli Jones, Brandon Gill, Lorenzo Pisoni, Trey Lindsey, Ciara Gari, Brian Lafontaine
  • Director: John Whitesell
  • Writers: Matthew Fogel, Don Rhymer, Matthew Fogel, Darryl Quarles
  • Producer: David T. Friendly
  • Associate Producer: William Paul Clark
  • Executive Producer: Jeremiah Samuels
  • Art Direction: Mark Garner
  • Castings: Kim Coleman, Alexa L. Fogel
  • Costume Design: Leah Katznelson
  • D.O.P.: Anthony B. Richmond
  • Editor: Priscilla Nedd-Friendly
  • Makeup: Beverly Jo Pryor
  • Music: David Newman
  • Production Design: Meghan C. Rogers
  • Set Decoration: Frank Galline


Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) has been frequently going undercover as "Big Momma" for the last 11 years. This time around, his teenage stepson Trent Pierce (Brandon T. Jackson) visits him while he is working on a case and witnesses the criminal murder of somebody. To keep Trent safe, Malcolm goes undercover as Big Momma for the third time.

In addition to this, Trent also goes undercover as Big Momma's great niece "Charmaine Daisy Pierce" at a performing arts' school for girls. Meanwhile, Trent tries to develop a romance with one of the girls as his real self while "Big Momma" is being pursued by the school's goofball janitor Kurtis Kool (Faizon Love) who has a fascination with big women.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Atlanta, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Some sexual humor and brief violence
  • Production Companies: The Collective, Friendly Films Productions, New Regency Pictures, Regency Enterprises, Runteldat Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • Production Schedule: April 2010 - June 2010

Featured Articles


2011 Guide Analysis: "Every year there's an embarassingly bad comedy that becomes a hit and usually it involves Martin Lawrence, Kevin James, Adam Sandler or a combination of the three. When the first 'Momma' took in nearly $174 million worldwide from a $30 million budget, a sequel made sense despite the pain it would cause. Yet even with atrocious reviews and the bad taste left by the first film, the $40 million follow-up still managed to pull in around $140 million worldwide - ensuring Fox would do yet another entry.

This time out, the fat and cross-dressing jokes are dragging down promising "Tropic Thunder" and "Percy Jackson" co-star Brandon T. Jackson who admittedly makes for a more convincing looking woman than Lawrence. Yet the trailer shows all the tired jokes you'd expect, the college setting an obvious move to keep the budget in check. Lawrence has said this will be the last in this series, it's a statement I hope to god he sticks to so we can wash our hands of this soul-destroying muck."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 16 February 2011: UK
  • 17 February 2011: Hungary
  • 18 February 2011: Iceland
  • 23 February 2011: Egypt
  • 24 February 2011: Russia
  • 3 March 2011: Germany
  • 10 March 2011: Malaysia, Singapore
  • 14 March 2011: Armenia
  • 18 March 2011: Sweden
  • 23 March 2011: Belgium
  • 25 March 2011: Spain
  • 30 March 2011: France