Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two

July 15th 2011
  • Adventure/Fantasy,
  • PG-13,
  • 130 min,
  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Kelly Macdonald, Alan Rickman, Michael Gambon, John Hurt, Maggie Smith, Emma Thompson, Jason Isaacs, Bill Nighy, Tom Felton, Gary Oldman, Timothy Spall, Ciarán Hinds, Bonnie Wright, Clémence Poésy, David Thewlis, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Warwick Davis, Miranda Richardson, Robbie Coltrane, Jamie Campbell Bower, Domhnall Gleeson, Peter Mullan, Helen McCrory, Evanna Lynch, Oliver Phelps, Matthew Lewis, James Phelps, Dave Legeno
  • Director: David Yates
  • Writer: Steve Kloves
  • Producers: David Barron, J.K. Rowling, David Heyman
  • Co Producers: Tim Lewis, John Trehy
  • Executive Producers: David Heyman, Lionel Wigram
  • Art Directions: Alastair Bullock, Martin Foley, Christian Huband, Molly Hughes, Hattie Storey, Gary Tomkins
  • Casting: Fiona Weir
  • Costume Design: Jany Temime
  • D.O.P.: Eduardo Serra
  • Editor: Mark Day
  • Makeup: Amanda Knight
  • Music: Alexandre Desplat
  • Production Design: Stuart Craig
  • Set Decoration: Stephenie McMillan


In the second part of the epic finale of the series, the battle between good and evil in the world of magic becomes a war between hundreds of sorcerers. The stakes have never been higher and no place is safe. Harry Potter must make the ultimate sacrifice, as the final confrontation with Lord Voldemort approaches. Everything ends here

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Buckinghamshire, UK; Hertfordshire, UK; Wales, UK
  • MPAA Warning: Some sequences of intense action violence and frightening images
  • Production Budget: $240 million
  • Production Companies: Heyday Films, Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Production Schedule: 19 February 2009 - April 2010

Featured Articles


2011 Guide Analysis: "While narratively it probably wasn't the wisest course of action, economically the gamble of splitting the final "Harry Potter" story in two has paid off and them some for Warner Bros. Pictures. Though the cost of producing and marketing both "Deathly Hallows" films will altogether come in at over half a billion dollars, the first film has already earned over $900 million in global box-office alone after a little over six weeks in release.

By this time next year, both parts of 'Hallows' are expected to have garnered over a billion dollars each in box-office, and god knows how much more in disc sales and related merchandise. Certainly Warners coffers will be flushed for much of the next decade with the success of this film series. In polls all over the media, no single film of 2011 is more anticipated by people at large than this conclusion to the series.

How the audience and critical reaction will go though is a tad more unpredictable. While the previous six films were criticised by fans for cutting out various key story elements, subplots and characters from the books, the first part of 'Hallows' met the opposite reaction with one of the common complaints being that it dragged and could've easily been cut down.

Others had issues with the splitting of the film. Because it truly is one film split in half, it avoids the standard structures of filmmaking and so there's no real payoff to all the setup. In a way, watching the first part on its own is akin to coming into a season of heavily serialised television and watching the fourth and third last episodes by themselves - unless you'd seen the previous episodes recently you wouldn't have much of a clue as to what's going on, and you're not going to get much in the way of a satisfying conclusion either.

That's where 'Part 2' comes in. As everything comes to an end in grand and spectacular fashion, one can expect the reviews to be glowing. With two-thirds of the book over and done with, the second part almost entirely centers around the battle at Hogwarts once a quick heist at Gringott's at the start is pulled off. There'll no doubt be criticisms of the pace, I'd be shocked if this came in under two-and-a-half hours, but I'm definitely curious to see how it will affect the various opinions and reactions to the first part when it's all complete.

Whatever you think of the series, this is a cultural event. While the appeal of "Twilight" has rarely crossed the gender divide, the "Harry Potter" series has managed to become a cinematic touchstone for many people both young and old. The films themselves may have only reached the true heights of the genre once or twice, but they're also a remarkable achievement that at times don't get the respect they deserve. Whatever your feelings, will you be left out of the biggest movie event of the year?"

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  • 13 July 2011: Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
  • 14 July 2011: Argentina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand
  • 15 July 2011: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Estonia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, UK, Uruguay, Venezuela
  • 21 July 2011: Romania