Breaking Upwards

April 2nd 2010
  • Drama/Romance,
  • Unrated,
  • 88 min,
  • IFC Releasing
  • Cast: Zoe Lister Jones, Daryl Wein, Julie White, Andrea Martin, Peter Friedman, La Chanze, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Olivia Thirlby, Pablo Schreiber, Heather Burns, Tate Ellington, Francis Benhamou, David Call, Sam Rosen, Max Jenkins, Michael Benjamin, Charles Socarides, Michael Warner
  • Director: Daryl Wein
  • Writers: Daryl Wein, Zoe Lister-Jones, Peter Duchan
  • Producers: Zoe Lister Jones, Daryl Wein
  • Associate Producer: Peter Duchan
  • D.O.P.: Alex Bergman
  • Editor: Daryl Wein
  • Music: Kyle Forester
  • Set Decoration: Ryan Schaefer


Based on the filmmakers' actual experience, and starring the filmmakers themselves, "Breaking Upwards" explores a young, real life New York couple who, fours years into their relationship and battling codependency, decide to intricately strategize their own break up. The film loosely interprets a year in their lives exploring alternatives to monogamy and the madness that ensues. It begs the question: is it ever possible to grow apart together?

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: New York City, USA
  • Production Companies: Daryl Wein Films

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2010 Guide Analysis: "Not a mumblecore effort despite its low-budget indie romance drama appearance, 'Upwards' played the film festival circuit to positive reviews a few months back. Audience and critical feedback praised the acting but took note with the cliches and a leading couple in their early 20's playing a couple with the kind of lifestyle usually ascribed to those in their 30's. Nevertheless IFC thought it was good enough to give it a distribution shot and so are planning a limited release in the Spring."

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