Season of the Witch

January 7th 2011
  • Historical/Thriller,
  • PG-13,
  • 98 min,
  • Lionsgate
  • Cast: Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Robert Sheehan, Claire Foy, Ulrich Thomsen, Stephen Graham, Christopher Lee, Rebekah Kennedy, Andrew Hefler, Fernanda Dorogi, Kevin Rees, Matt Devere, Róbert Bánlaki, Barna Illyés, Kevin Killebrew, Simone Kirby, Elen Rhys, Nicholas Sidi, Rory McCann, Nicola Sloane, Brían F. O'Byrne, Ada Michelle Loridans
  • Director: Dominic Sena
  • Writer: Bragi Schut
  • Producers: Alex Gartner, Charles Roven
  • Executive Producers: Alan G. Glazer, Tom Karnowski, Ryan Kavanaugh, Tucker Tooley
  • Art Direction: Kai Koch
  • Casting: Elaine Grainger
  • Costume Design: Carlo Poggioli
  • D.O.P.: Amir Mokri
  • Editor: Dan Zimmerman
  • Makeup: Aileen Seaton
  • Music: Atli Örvarsson
  • Production Design: Uli Hanisch
  • Set Decoration: Monica Rottmeyer


Lionsgate's supernatural thriller, "Season of the Witch," stars Nicolas Cage as medieval knight Behmen who undertakes a mission pitting him against an devious witch and making him the last hope for the world against an ancient and dark force. His faith broken by years of battle as a crusader, Behmen returns to central Europe to find his homeland decimated by the Black Plague.

While searching for food and supplies at the Palace at Marburg, Behmen and his trusted companion, Felson (Ron Perlman) are apprehended and ordered by the dying Cardinal to deliver a young peasant girl believed to be the witch responsible for the Plague to a remote abbey where her powers can be destroyed. Behmen agrees to the assignment but only if the peasant girl is granted a fair trial.

As he and five others set off on this dangerous journey, they realize with mounting dread that the cunning girl is no ordinary human, and that their mission will pit them against an evil that even in these dark times they never could have imagined.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Budapest, Hungary; Pula, Croatia; Salzburg, Austria
  • MPAA Warning: Thematic elements, violence and disturbing content
  • Production Budget: $40 million
  • Production Companies: Atlas Entertainment, Relativity Media
  • Production Schedule: November 2008 - January 2009

Featured Articles


2010 Guide Analysis: "History's greatest pandemics usually have very mundane origins. When the bubonic plague wiped out much of the human population across Europe and Asia in the 14th century, who would've suspected that it originated from coughing Mongolian marmots (essentially a groundhog). Of course never let the truth get in the way of a good story, or a not-so-good one in the case of this supernatural thriller.

There was hope, after all the last time they teamed director Dominic Sena and star Nicolas Cage gave us the not great but still quite decent "Gone in 60 Seconds" remake. Sena however is coming off the comic adaptation "Whiteout", one of 2009's worst films, and that film had a more interesting premise and setting than this. Last month 'Witch' laucnhed a truly awful trailer that looked like a Uwe Boll movie with a budget, and cemented the entire project's disposability.

There's also been reports of reshoots currently underway in Budapest to try and insert a prologue sequence and fix up problems found in test screenings during the Fall. Sadly even Sena's best films ("Kalifornia," "Swordfish") are lightweight action fluff which makes the dour period tone quite unsuitable, something no amount of reshoots can fix. Combined with Cage's nearly unblemished record of duds lately, "Bad Lieutenant" was a surprise exception, this will probably disappear as quickly as "Bangkok Dangerous" or "Next"."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 5 January 2011: Kazakhstan
  • 6 January 2011: Croatia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates
  • 7 January 2011: Argentina, Canada, UK
  • 8 January 2011: Taiwan
  • 12 January 2011: France
  • 13 January 2011: Kuwait, Singapore, South Korea
  • 14 January 2011: Poland, Turkey
  • 19 January 2011: Indonesia
  • 20 January 2011: Denmark, Georgia, Israel
  • 21 January 2011: Norway
  • 26 January 2011: Philippines
  • 27 January 2011: Armenia, Greece, Hungary
  • 28 January 2011: Brazil, Mexico
  • 4 February 2011: Estonia
  • 10 February 2011: Netherlands
  • 11 February 2011: Finland, Lithuania
  • 24 February 2011: Australia
  • 24 March 2011: Germany