Leap Year

January 8th 2010
  • Comedy/Romance,
  • PG,
  • 97 min,
  • Universal Pictures
  • Cast: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Kaitlin Olson, John Lithgow, Adam Scott, Peter O'Meara, Annika Hammerton, Michael J. Reynolds, Flaminia Cinque, Martin Sherman, John Burke, Brian Milligan, Mali Harries, David Herlihy, Michael FitzGerald, Amy De BhrĂșn, Claire Hilary McMahon, Una Carroll, Robert Bannon, Rory Michael O'Sullivan, Declan Mills
  • Director: Anand Tucker
  • Writers: Harry Elfont, Deborah Kaplan
  • Producers: Gary Barber, Chris Bender, Roger Birnbaum, Jonathan Glickman, Jake Weiner
  • Co Producers: James Flynn, Morgan O'Sullivan
  • Executive Producers: Su Armstrong, J.C. Spink
  • Art Directions: Colman Corish, Anna Rackard, Brendan Rankin
  • Casting: Nina Gold
  • Costume Design: Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh
  • D.O.P.: Newton Thomas Sigel
  • Editor: Nick Moore
  • Makeup: Deirdre Fitzgerald
  • Music: Randy Edelman
  • Production Design: Mark Geraghty
  • Set Decoration: Johnny Byrne
  • VFX Supervisor: Kevin Byrne


Amy Adams and Matthew Goode star in "Leap Year," a romantic comedy that follows one woman's determined quest to get married to the perfect guy... despite what fate has in store for her.

When their four-year anniversary passes without a marriage proposal, Anna (Amy Adams) decides to take matters into her own hands. Investing in an Irish tradition that allows women to propose to men on February 29th, Anna decides to follow her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) to Dublin and get down on one knee herself.

But airplanes, weather and fate leave Anna stranded on the other side of Ireland, and she must enlist the help of handsome and surly Declan (Matthew Goode) to get her across the country. As Anna and Declan bicker across the Emerald Isle, they discover that the road to love can take you to very unexpected places.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: County Galway, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland
  • MPAA Warning: Sensuality and language
  • Production Budget: $16.5 million
  • Production Companies: BenderSpink, Octagon Films, Spyglass Entertainment
  • Production Schedule: March 2009 - May 2009

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The film also shoot in and around the Aran Islands, Connemara, Temple Bar, Georgian Dublin, and Wicklow National Park.

2010 Guide Analysis: "One of those projects that looks to have been greenlit for tax rather than creative reasoning, the script comes from the duo who also penned the odious "Surviving Christmas" and the tedious "Made of Honor". Thus it probably couldn't be anymore formulaic, contrived or insipid if it tried - a film for women who don't like their rom-coms to deviate from the norm in any way.

The only hope here lies in the three principals - the always superb Amy Adams, the charming Matthew Goode, and the impressive directing skills of Anand Tucker ("Shopgirl," "Hilary & Jackie"). Can they salvage something from this? Judging from the reaction of one early screening attendee I know who is usually pretty generous, I'd doubt it."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 14 January 2010: Israel
  • 5 February 2010: Poland
  • 26 February 2010: Estonia, UK
  • 18 March 2010: Germany
  • 25 March 2010: Slovakia
  • 8 April 2010: Netherlands
  • 16 April 2010: Finland
  • 22 April 2010: Argentina
  • 6 August 2010: Spain