Kick Ass

April 16th 2010
  • Action/Comedy,
  • R,
  • 106 min,
  • Lionsgate
  • Cast: Nicolas Cage, Mark Strong, Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jason Flemyng, Lyndsy Fonseca, Clark Duke, Xander Berkeley, Tamer Hassan, Yancy Butler, Evan Peters, Omari Hardwick, Randall Batinkoff, Michael Rispoli, Ashleigh Hubbard, Adrian Martinez, Nelson Frazier Jr., Katrena Rochell, Tim Plester, Deborah Twiss , Stu 'Large' Riley, Melissa Anne Smith, Kofi Natei, Walle Jobara, Peter Brooke, Jack Steele, Kenneth Simmons
  • Director: Matthew Vaughn
  • Writers: Jane Goldman, Matthew Vaughn, Mark Millar
  • Producers: Adam Bohling, Tarquin Pack, Brad Pitt, David Reid, Kris Thykier, Matthew Vaughn
  • Co Producers: Mark Millar, John Romita Jr.
  • Art Directions: Grant Armstrong, Brandt Gordon, Joe Howard, Sarah Stuart
  • Castings: Sarah Finn, Lucinda Syson
  • Costume Design: Sammy Sheldon
  • D.O.P.: Ben Davis
  • Editors: Eddie Hamilton, Jon Harris
  • Makeup: Gemma Richards
  • Music: Ilan Eshkeri
  • Production Design: Russell De Rozario
  • Set Decorations: Tina Jones, Clive Thomasson


'Kick-Ass' tells the story of average teenager Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), a comic-book fanboy who decides to take his obsession as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. As any good superhero would, he chooses a new name -- Kick-Ass -- assembles a suit and mask to wear, and gets to work fighting crime. There's only one problem standing in his way: Kick-Ass has absolutely no superpowers.

His life is forever changed as he inspires a subculture of copy cats, meets up with a pair of crazed vigilantes -- including an 11-year-old sword-wielding dynamo, Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and her father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) -- and forges a friendship with another fledgling superhero, Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). But thanks to the scheming of a local mob boss Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong), that new alliance will be put to the test.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: London, UK; New York City, USA; Toronto, Canada
  • MPAA Warning: Strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, sexual content, nudity and some drug use -- some involving children
  • Production Budget: $30 million
  • Production Companies: Marv Films, Plan B Entertainment
  • Production Schedule: 9 September 2008 - November 2008

Featured Articles


2010 Guide Analysis: "More than just another superhero movie, "Kick Ass" is in many ways one of the bolder experiments of the year. Director Matthew Vaughn ("Stardust," "Layer Cake") took his time and assembled the film's finances in such a way as to let him have essentially complete control over what makes it into the film.

The result is a combination of adult-aimed pitch black comedy, hardcore violence, language, etc. and all without parental groups or nervous studio executives watering down the edgy elements to try and appeal to a wider market. In a genre that has become so familiar, glossy and safe in its own way, it's great to see something that doesn't pander and could well give it a fresh new life.

That's said it must have more than extreme violence and little girls using the C-word going for it if it wants to stand the test of time, and story wise there hasn't been much revealed thus far. An early screening in Austin the other week played brilliantly, but that was for a film geek crowd that would very much appreciate something like this. How it goes with more regular audiences and critics will be an interesting test, for now though it looks like the pre-Summer film to beat."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 2 April 2010: UK
  • 8 April 2010: Australia
  • 15 April 2010: Germany, Russia
  • 16 April 2010: Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Taiwan
  • 22 April 2010: Greece
  • 10 June 2010: Argentina