November 12th 2010
  • Action/Suspense,
  • PG-13,
  • 98 min,
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Cast: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, Kevin Dunn, Ethan Suplee, Kevin Corrigan, Jessy Schram, Jeff Wincott, Elizabeth Mathis, Lew Temple, Meagan Tandy, Kevin Chapman, T.J. Miller, David Warshofsky, Andy Umberger, Dylan L. Bruce, Jeff Hochendoner, Ryan Ahern, Christopher Lee Philips, Kevin McClatchy
  • Director: Tony Scott
  • Writer: Mark Bomback
  • Producers: Eric McLeod, Mimi Rogers, Tony Scott, Julie Yorn, Alex Young
  • Co Producers: Diane L. Sabatini, Adam Somner, Lee Trink
  • Executive Producers: Chris Ciaffa, Jeff Kwatinetz, Rick Yorn
  • Art Directions: Julian Ashby, Drew Boughton, Dawn Swiderski
  • Casting: Denise Chamian
  • Costume Design: Penny Rose
  • D.O.P.: Ben Seresin
  • Editors: Robert Duffy, Chris Lebenzon
  • Makeup: Diane Heller
  • Music: Harry Gregson-Williams
  • Production Design: Chris Seagers
  • Set Decoration: Rosemary Brandenburg


Unstoppable, a 20th Century Fox drama about a runaway train carrying a cargo of toxic chemicals. Pits an engineer and his conductor in a race against time. They're chasing the runaway train in a separate locomotive and need to bring it under control before it derails on a curve and causes a toxic spill that will decimate a town.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Ohio, USA; Pennsylvania, USA; West Virginia, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Sequences of action and peril and some language
  • Production Budget: $100 million
  • Production Companies: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Prospect Park, Scott Free Productions, Firm Films, Millbrook Farm Productions
  • Production Schedule: 29 August 2009 - November 2009

Featured Articles


2010 Guide Analysis: "Despite "The Taking of Pelham 123" remake scoring mixed reviews and disappointing box-office, both director Tony Scott and Denzel Washington immediately hopped onto another train-related action feature, albeit one with a faster pace and different setting. Hitting numerous budgetary and production hurdles early on, the project's status often changed daily due to demands for salary cuts and production cutbacks.

Despite the many issues, everything was sorted out and filming finally got away early this past Fall with only a brief derailment during the shoot causing any further delays. Will it be any good though? The script is by Mark Bomback who has written a few stinkers ("Deception," "Godsend," "Race to Witch Mountain") and one mediocre effort ("Live Free or Die Hard") so that doesn't hold out much hope. Said to be 'loosely inspired' by a real life runaway train story (not to mention countless novels and B-movies), the premise certainly sounds tedious.

Yet stripped down, high concept kinetic action is what Scott does best and he can work wonders if he nails the pacing and doesn't overdo it on the stylised visuals. The teaming of Pine and Washington is definitely an odd pairing, but the "Star Trek" hunk and the veteran star could make for a fun mentor/apprentice buddy team. A trailer, likely sometime in the early Summer, will give us the best clue as to whether this will work or not."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 10 November 2010: Belgium, Egypt, France, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland
  • 11 November 2010: Argentina, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Russia, Serbia, Singapore
  • 12 November 2010: Austria, Canada, Estonia, Finland, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Philippines, Spain, Turkey
  • 18 November 2010: Hungary
  • 24 November 2010: Indonesia, UK
  • 25 November 2010: Portugal, Slovenia
  • 2 December 2010: Netherlands
  • 16 December 2010: Czech Republic, Slovakia
  • 7 January 2011: Japan