Next Day Air

May 8th 2009
  • Action/Comedy,
  • R,
  • 90 min,
  • Summit Entertainment
  • Cast: Debbie Allen, Malik Barnhardt, Lombardo Boyar, Inny Clemons, Mos Def, Yasmin Deliz, Mike Epps, Donald Faison, Omari Hardwick, Wood Harris, Shawn Michael Howard, Jo D. Jonz, Lauren London, Luis Martinez, Darius McCrary, Cisco Reyes, Emilio Rivera, Sadie, Lobo Sebastian, Julia Vera
  • Director: Benny Boom
  • Writer: Blair Cobbs
  • Producers: Scott Aronson, Inny Clemons
  • Associate Producer: Wood Harris
  • Executive Producers: Steven Belser, Shaun Livingston, Steve Markoff, Bruce McNall, Bryan Turner
  • Casting: Robi Reed
  • Costume Design: Rita McGhee
  • D.O.P.: David A. Armstrong
  • Editor: David Checel
  • Music: The Elements
  • Production Design: Bruton Jones


When a misguided delivery driver inadvertently delivers a package containing concealed bricks of cocaine to the wrong address, it sets in motion a desperate search and battle for the coke between the furious dealer that sent it, the fearful intended recipients that missed it, and the conniving accidental recipients that plan to flip it. Time is running out and everyone's trying to get their hands on the package that's been sent...Next Day Air!

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Filming Locations: Los Angeles, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Pervasive language, drug content, some violence and brief sexuality
  • Production Budget: $3 million
  • Production Companies: Melee Entertainment, Next Day Air Productions, Secret Society Films

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