January 23rd 2009
  • Action/Sci-Fi,
  • R,
  • 115 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: James Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, Ron Perlman, John Hurt, John Beale, Katie Bergin, Matt Cooke, Aidan Devine, Drakaina, Michael Fox, J. William Grantham, Allyson Haas, Craig Harris, Ricardo Hoyos, Ted Ludzik, Bailey Maughan, Liam McNamara, John Nelles, Simon Northwood, Mark A. Owen, Scott Owen, Owen Pattison, Petra Prazak, James Rogers, Todd Sandomirsky, Cliff Saunders
  • Director: Howard McCain
  • Writers: Howard McCain, Dirk Blackman
  • Producer: Chris Roberts
  • Co Producers: Neishaw Ali, Iain McCaig
  • Associate Producers: Nicole Haeussermann, Jodi Heaston
  • Executive Producers: Dirk Blackman, Don Carmody, Brendan Deneen, Christopher Eberts, Philip Elway, Andreas Grosch, Kia Jam, Karen Loop, Barrie M. Osborne, John Schimmel, Marcus Schöfer
  • Art Directions: Anthony A. Ianni, Tony Ianni, Anshuman Prasad
  • Casting: Deirdre Bowen
  • Costume Design: Debra Hanson
  • D.O.P.: Pierre Gill
  • Editor: David Dodson
  • Music: Geoff Zanelli
  • Production Design: David Hackl
  • Set Decoration: Ian Greig


"Outlander" begins when a space craft crashes into the majestic fjords of ancient Norway and into the time of the Vikings. From the wreckage emerge two bitter enemies: a soldier from another world – Kainan (James Caviezel) – and a bloodthirsty creature known as the Moorwen. Man and monster both seeking revenge for violence committed against them. As the Moorwen ravages the Viking world, killing everything in its path, Kainan forms an unlikely alliance with the primitive but fierce warriors. Combining his advanced technology with ancient Iron Age weapons, the hero leads a desperate attempt to kill the monster - before it destroys them all.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Mardalsfossen, Norway; Newfoundland, Canada; Nova Scotia, Canada
  • MPAA Warning: Violence
  • Production Budget: $75 million
  • Production Companies: The Weinstein Company, Ascendant Pictures, Outlander Productions, Film & Entertainment VIP Medienfonds 4 GmbH & Co. KG
  • Production Schedule: 16 October 2006 - 5 January 2007

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Renny Harlin was originally slated to direct when Howard McCain was pitching the script to film studios some years back.

This is the first film in history to feature old Norse, an almost dead language. Howard McCain used an Icelandic professor to help translate the dialogue and to teach the actors how to speak the ancient language.

Karl Urban was originally considered for the part of Kainan, but he pulled out due to delays in production and went on to film Pathfinder (2007), another period movie involving Vikings.

Originally the film was to be shot in New Zealand with a significantly higher budget. They already scouted New Zealand and Weta was going to do the effects. But the financing fell through and the production got delayed.

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 11 July 2008: Latvia
  • 30 September 2008: Kuwait
  • 17 October 2008: Lithuania
  • 24 October 2008: Turkey
  • 28 November 2008: India, Spain
  • 23 January 2009: Canada
  • 19 February 2009: Singapore
  • 20 February 2009: UK
  • 23 April 2009: Netherlands