October 4th 2013
  • Comedy,
  • R,
  • 87 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins, Catherine O'Hara, Amy Poehler, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clark Duke, Ken Howard, Valerie Tian, Sarah Burns, Jessica Alba, Jane Lynch, Jamie Renell, Valerie Payton, John Gavin Alexander Plunkett, Isabella Zentkovich, Vickie Eng, Vince Canlas, Mark Oliver, Adam Pally, Brian Kurlander, Sarah Vowell, Steve Coulter, Elyssa Brette Mactas, Claire Bronson, Trevor Scott Standish, Ben Swayze, Frank Roberts
  • Director: Stu Zicherman
  • Writers: Ben Karlin, Stu Zicherman
  • Producers: Ben Karlin, Tim Perell, Teddy Schwarzman
  • Co Producer: Ben Stillman
  • Executive Producer: George Paaswell
  • Art Direction: Sheila Nash
  • Casting: Laura Rosenthal
  • Costume Design: David C. Robinson
  • D.O.P.: John Bailey
  • Editor: Jeffrey Wolf
  • Makeup: Nicole Wodowski
  • Music: Nick Urata
  • Production Design: John Paino
  • Set Decoration: Robert Covelman


A.C.O.D. follows a seemingly well-adjusted Adult Child of Divorce who is forced to revisit the chaos of his parents bitter divorce all over again after his younger brother decides to get married.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Atlanta, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Language and brief sexual content
  • Production Companies: Black Bear Pictures
  • Production Schedule: 12 March 2012 - June 2012

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2013 Guide Analysis: "Set to debut at Sundance this year, this comedy sports an unusual pedigree including "The Daily Show" & "The Colbert Report" executive producer Ben Karlin as co-scribe, while "Elektra" scribe Stu Zicherman also co-wrote the script and is directing.

The always fun Adam Scott plays a thirty-something man who was forced at an early age to be the adult of his family when his parents split bitterly. Now, he discovers that he was unknowingly a former participant in a study about children of divorce.

Sought for a follow-up study several years later, the tension boils over with comedic results when his younger brother's unexpected marriage vows force him to bring his divorced parents back together - and so years of pent-up resentment boil over.

Scott is backed by an impressive raft of solid comedy talent including those listed above, along with the likes of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jessica Alba, Clark Duke and Ken Howard. Shot earlier this year in Atlanta, this is one of the more commercially appealing and higher profile entries to unspool at Park City this year. Reviews from the festival will tell the tale of how big a release this will get in cinemas later in 2013."

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