Jayne Mansfield's Car

September 13th 2013
  • Drama,
  • R,
  • 122 min,
  • Anchor Bay Films
  • Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall, Tippi Hedren, Kevin Bacon, Ray Stevenson, Robert Patrick, Shawnee Smith, John Hurt, Katherine LaNasa, John Patrick Amedori, Frances O'Connor, Marshall Allman, Ron White, Wester Joseph, Irma P. Hall, Brent Briscoe, Ritchie Montgomery, John Paul Shellnutt, Dylan Kussman, Carissa Capobianco, Rick Dial, Melody Smith, Nick Dash, Karli Barnett, Steve Coulter, Tim Ware, Jill Jane Clements, Joel Rogers
  • Director: Billy Bob Thornton
  • Writers: Billy Bob Thornton, Tom Epperson
  • Producers: Geyer Kosinski, Alexander Rodnyansky
  • Associate Producer: Ivan Philippov
  • Executive Producers: Sergei Bespalov, James D. Brubaker, Mark C. Manuel, Robert Teitel
  • Art Direction: Nicole LeBlanc
  • Castings: Lindsay Graham, Mary Vernieu
  • Costume Design: Doug Hall
  • D.O.P.: Barry Markowitz
  • Editor: Lauren Zuckerman
  • Makeup: Richard Redlefsen
  • Music: Owen Easterling Hatfield
  • Production Design: Clark Hunter
  • Set Decoration: Traci Kirshbaum


It's 1969 in a small Alabama town, and the death of a quirky clan's long-estranged wife and mother brings together two very different families for the funeral. But do the scars of the past hide differences that will tear them apart or expose truths that could lead to the most unexpected collisions of all?

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Georgia, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Language, sexual content, nudity, drug use and some bloody images
  • Production Companies: AR Films, Aldamisa Entertainment, Media Talent Group
  • Production Schedule: 22 June 2011 - August 2011

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2013 Guide Analysis: "Premiering at various festivals throughout last year, 'Car' marks the return of Billy Bob Thornton to directing a decade after his last attempt. That film was his adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's "All the Pretty Horses" in 2000, a project that was torn apart by studio politics with the leftovers savaged by critics. The experience took Thornton a long time to get over, and now he is back with this quirky ensemble melodrama laced with a melancholic tone.

The story is set in the American South in the 1960s. Robert Duvall plays the crotchety patriarch who had to raise his four kids on his own when his wife abandoned him years before. He soon learns that she has died, and the British man she re-married is arriving in town with her body and his family in tow.

Reviews for the film say it features some brilliant sequences and inspired moments, but on the whole it is a bit of mess that lacks focus and direction. Thornton's screenwriting has certainly garnered more praise than his direction, while various character moments are said to ring true with excellent dialogue, solid performances, and a refreshing lack of sentiment. From the great mix of talent playing the kids, to what's said to be a stand out sequence featuring Robert Duvall-on-acid, I'm looking forward to it."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 25 July 2013: Netherlands
  • 26 September 2013: Russia