A Single Shot

September 20th 2013
  • Drama,
  • R,
  • 116 min,
  • Tribeca Film
  • Cast: Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy, Ted Levine, Kelly Reilly, Jason Isaacs, Joe Anderson, Jeffrey Wright, Ophelia Lovibond, Melissa Leo, Amy Sloan, W. Earl Brown, Heather Lind, Christie Burke, Jenica Bergere, Lana Giacose, David Flannery, Michael Eisner, Alan C. Peterson
  • Director: David Jacobson
  • Writer: Matthew F. Jones
  • Producers: Chris Coen, Aaron L. Gilbert, Keith Kjarval, Jeff Rice
  • Co Producers: Katie Goodson, Margot Hand, Akshaii Hariharan, Mary Vernieu
  • Associate Producers: Sefton Fincham, Steven Thibault, Donna Valva, Michael Valva
  • Executive Producers: Sam Englebardt, C. Steve Goldstein, Raju Hariharan, William D. Johnson, Matthew F. Jones, Doug Min, John Raymonds, David M. Rosenthal, Ben Ruffman, Sean Thomas, Billy Wirth
  • Art Direction: Cheryl Marion
  • Casting: Mary Vernieu
  • Costume Design: Beverley Wowchuk
  • D.O.P.: Eduard Grau
  • Editor: Dan Robinson
  • Makeup: Norma Hill-Patton
  • Music: Atli Örvarsson
  • Production Design: David Brisbin
  • Set Decoration: Josh Plaw


David M. Rosenthal's white-knuckle thriller starts with a bang: a single shot, aimed at a lone deer, that hits and kills a young woman. The hunter, John Moon, watches her die before discovering a box of money near her body. In a desperate panic, he takes the cash — hiring a low-rent lawyer to fight his wife's divorce suit — and attempts to cover up the killing. But when he discovers that the money belonged to a group of hardened criminals, the hunter becomes the hunted in this tense cat-and-mouse struggle in the backwoods of West Virginia.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Vancouver, Canada
  • MPAA Warning: Some strong violence, sexual content, nudity, language and brief drug use
  • Production Companies: Unified Pictures, Media House Capital, A Single Shot Productions, Bron Studios, Demarest Films, Unanimous Pictures
  • Production Schedule: 16 April 2012 - 30 May 2012

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2013 Guide Analysis: "Set for a world premiere at Berlinale, this crime drama in the forest wilderness was originally slated to have a rising young star named Michael Fassbender in the lead role back in its earliest incarnations in 2009. He bowed out and was replaced by the older, but just as talented Sam Rockwell who sports a rugged look for this drama from documentarian and cinematographer David M. Rosenthal.

Based on the novel by Matthew F. Jones, Rockwell plays a down on his luck hunter who loses his family farm. On one clandestine mission to earn money poaching big game, he stumbles upon a hidden campsite full of drugs and cash - in the process accidentally killing a teenage girl. He makes off with the loot and keeps quiet about what happened, but the money's owners have other ideas and he's soon on the run.

It's an immediately promising and very "A Simple Plan"-esque looking film. The casting is excellent, such as those listed above, plus the likes of Kelly Reilly and Ophelia Lovibond in supporting roles. No distributor is currently set, but a bunch of recently released photos are remarkable looking enough that I'm sure several of them are already in touch with the filmmakers about trying to secure the rights."

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