Out of the Furnace

December 6th 2013
  • Drama,
  • R,
  • 116 min,
  • Relativity
  • Cast: Christian Bale, Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Forest Whitaker, Sam Shepard, Willem Dafoe, Boyd Holbrook, Dendrie Taylor, Tom Bower, Mark Kubr, Tommy Lafitte, Gordon Michaels, Efka Kvaraciejus, Jack Erdie, Aaron Toney, James Quinn, Carl Clemons, Bobby Wolfe, Matt Baker, Ryan Goimarac, Charles David Richards, Corey Rieger, Roger Dillingham Jr., Eric Filo, Ryan C. Bogdewic, Blake Vogel, Brandon Lee Lombardo
  • Director: Scott Cooper
  • Writer: Scott Cooper
  • Producers: Michael Costigan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Kavanaugh, Jennifer Davisson Killoran, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott
  • Co Producers: Ken Halsband, Jamie Marshall, Adam Simpson-Marshall
  • Executive Producers: Riza Aziz, Jason Beckman, Robbie Brenner, Ron Burkle, Jason Colbeck, Jason Colodne, Joe Gatta, Joey McFarland, Christian Mercuri, Tucker Tooley, Jeff G. Waxman, Brooklyn Weaver
  • Art Direction: Gary Kosko
  • Casting: Ronna Kress
  • Costume Design: Kurt and Bart
  • D.O.P.: Masanobu Takayanagi
  • Editor: David Rosenbloom
  • Makeup: Ken Diaz
  • Music: Dickon Hinchliffe
  • Production Design: Thérèse DePrez
  • Set Decoration: Merissa Lombardo


From the critically-acclaimed writer and director of "Crazy Heart" comes a gripping and gritty dramatic thriller about fate, circumstance, and justice. Russell (Bale) and his younger brother Rodney (Affleck) live in the economically-depressed Rust Belt, and have always dreamed of escaping and finding better lives. But when a cruel twist of fate lands Russell in prison, his brother is lured into one of the most violent and ruthless crime rings in the Northeast - a mistake that will almost cost him everything. Once released, Russell must choose between his own freedom, or risk it all to seek justice for his brother.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Pennsylvania, USA; West Virginia, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Strong violence, language and drug content
  • Production Companies: Appian Way, Energy Entertainment, Red Granite Pictures, Relativity Media, Scott Free Productions
  • Production Schedule: 12 April 2012 - June 2012

Featured Articles


2013 Guide Analysis: "'Crazy Heart' director Scott Cooper goes darker and grittier with this Pennsylvania-shot crime thriller about two brothers living in a mill town in the economically depressed Rust Belt. After a cruel twist of fate puts the elder brother (Christian Bale) in prison, the younger (Casey Affleck) becomes involved with one of the most violent and ruthless crime rings in the Northeast. Once released, the older brother must choose between his own freedom, or risk it all to seek justice for his family.

While Rupert Sanders was originally slated to direct, once Cooper came onboard he and Brad Ingelsby did some necessary script re-writes. There's an impressive ensemble cast here alongside the two leads such as Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson, Willem Dafoe, Forest Whitaker and Sam Shepard. There's also strong talents behind the scenes including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ridley Scott and the late Tony Scott as producers.

This genre rarely does well commercially though, contemporary and straightforward revenge movies don't play as well as more elaborate spins on that old storytelling staple. Andrew Dominik's critically liked "Killing Them Softly" was something of a commercial disappointment. Same with James Wan's "Death Sentence" which various script reviews have compared this with. The first trailer should tell us a lot about what to expect."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 6 December 2013: Canada, Turkey
  • 24 January 2014: Finland
  • 30 January 2014: Netherlands
  • 31 January 2014: UK
  • 6 February 2014: Germany
  • 20 February 2014: Denmark
  • 26 February 2014: France