The Spectacular Now

August 2nd 2013
  • Drama/Romance,
  • R,
  • 100 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Brie Larson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kyle Chandler, Kaitlyn Dever, Bob Odenkirk, Andre Royo, Dayo Okeniyi, Nicci Faires, Gary Weeks, Masam Holden, E. Roger Mitchell, Whitney Goin, Greer Howard, Whitney Christopher, Levi Miller, Porter Spicer, Christopher Nathan Miller, Ava London, Rodney Lee Rogers, Logan Mack, Nicolas Cruea, Dana Nunnally Weaver, Valerie Payton
  • Director: James Ponsoldt
  • Writers: Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber
  • Producers: Michelle Krumm, Andrew Lauren, Shawn Levy, Tom McNulty
  • Co Producers: Dan Cohen, Billy Rosenberg
  • Executive Producers: Scott Neustadter, Marc Shmuger, Michael H. Weber
  • Castings: Angela Demo, Barbara McCarthy
  • Costume Design: Peggy Stamper
  • D.O.P.: Jess Hall
  • Editor: Darrin Navarro
  • Makeup: Denise Tunnell
  • Music: Rob Simonsen
  • Production Design: Linda Sena
  • Set Decoration: Jess Royal


Sutter Keely lives in the now. It's a good place for him. A high school senior, charming and self-possessed, he's the life of the party, loves his job at a men's clothing store, and has no plans for the future.

A budding alcoholic, he's never far from his supersized, whiskey-fortified thirst-master cup. But after being dumped by his girlfriend, Sutter gets drunk and wakes up on a lawn with Aimee Finicky hovering over him.

She's different: the "nice girl" who reads science fiction and doesn't have a boyfriend. While Amy has dreams of a future, Sutter lives in the impressive delusion of a spectacular now, yet somehow, they're drawn together.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Filming Locations: Atlanta, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Alcohol use, language and some sexuality - all involving teens
  • Production Budget: $2.5 million
  • Production Companies: 21 Laps Entertainment, Andrew Lauren Productions, Global Produce
  • Production Schedule: 23 July 2012 - September 2012

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2013 Guide Analysis: "One of the most well-received films at this year's Sundance Film Festival, 'Spectacular' marks the latest effort of filmmaker James Ponsoldt following on from last year's acclaimed, but little seen alcoholics drama "Smashed". 'Now' is not only a bigger film, it is a much more commercially friendly proposition which made this coming-of-age dramedy one of the most hotly contested before A24 secured the rights.

An adaptation of Tim Tharp’s novel, Miles Teller plays a charming high school senior and budding alcoholic named Sutter who lives entirely for the present. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he meets Aimee Finicky (Shailene Woodley), a 'nice girl' who reads sci-fi, doesn’t have a boyfriend, and has dreams of a future. Despite their different viewpoints, they find themselves drawn together.

With a script adapted by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber ("500 Days of Summer"), reviews for this have heavily praised the film's naturalistic and relaxed approach, adding meaning and poignancy to a genre that often falls back on attention-deficit pacing and all too familiar formula. It's an occasionally very serious affair, but an emotionally satisfying one. Set for a Summer release, expect this to be one of the acclaimed smaller films during blockbuster season that is worth tracking down."

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