The Monk

March 8th 2013
  • Drama/Historical,
  • R,
  • 101 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: Vincent Cassel , Déborah François, Joséphine Japy , Sergi López, Catherine Mouchet, Jordi Dauder, Geraldine Chaplin, Roxane Duran, Frédéric Noaille, Martine Vandeville, Pierre-Félix Gravière, Serge Feuillard, Ernst Umhauer , Jean-Francois Vendroux, Juliette Savary, Pascal Loison, Gabriel Ignacio, Jean-Charles Dumay, Ana Pérez Plasencia, María Begoña Mancho, Jean-Marc Galluis , Rosa María Rodríguez
  • Director: Dominik Moll
  • Writers: Dominik Moll, Matthew Lewis, Anne-Louise Trividic
  • Producer: Michel Saint-Jean
  • Co Producer: Ricardo Fernandez Déu
  • Executive Producers: Pilar Benito, Álvaro Longoria
  • Art Direction: María Clara Notari
  • Casting: Emmanuelle Prévost
  • Costume Design: Bina Daigeler
  • D.O.P.: Patrick Blossier
  • Editors: François Gédigier, Sylvie Lager
  • Makeup: Kaatje Van Damme
  • Music: Alberto Iglesias
  • Production Design: Antxón Gómez


A supernatural thriller adapted from Matthew G. Lewis' (now cult) 1796 gothic novel, "The Monk" traces the corruption of a 16th Century, pious Capuchin Monk. Abandoned at birth at the gates of a Capuchin monastery in Madrid, Brother Ambrosio (Vincent Cassel), raised by the friars, grows up into a preacher admired far and wide for his fervor. Ambrosio is feared for his righteousness and believes he is immune from temptation - until the arrival of a mysterious apprentice undermines his convictions and leads him down a dangerous path of sin, corruption and murder.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Madrid, Spain
  • MPAA Warning: Some sexuality, brief graphic nudity and violent images
  • Production Budget: €11 million
  • Production Companies: Diaphana Films, Morena Filmsl, El Monje La Pelicula AIEl, Estrategia Audiovisual, France 3 Cinéma
  • Production Schedule: April 2010 - June 2010

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2011 Guide Analysis: "An adaptation of Mathew Gregory Lewis' 1796 novel, this fuses sensationalism with a psychologically driven Gothic thriller that explores "how violent and erotic impulses can break through the barriers of social and moral restraint". With Cassel in the leading role and coming off his great turns in the "Mesrine" two-parter and "Black Swan", the performance alone should be enough to make this one to watch.

Added to that though are dark dealings of murder, incest and torture within the Spanish church at the time of the Inquisition and you get something very sinister, atmospheric and creepy in all sorts of ways. Considered highly lurid for its time, this was one of the first books to feature a priest as the villain and furthered mistrust of Roman Catholicism as a whole.

Nevertheless it was extremely popular and has gone on to influence all sorts of works from stage plays and opera, to novels and even comics like "Batman: Gothic". Though a failed attempt to adapt the property into a film by Luis Buñuel and Jean-Claude Carrière took place in the 60's, there's been two completed film versions thus far with Franco Nero and Paul McGann as the titular creation. This take is currently set for a mid-June bow in France and Spain, so there's talk of a debut at the Cannes Film Festival in late May."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 13 July 2011: Belgium, France, Luxembourg
  • 1 September 2011: Netherlands
  • 12 January 2012: Lithuania
  • 26 January 2012: Singapore
  • 27 January 2012: Spain
  • 24 March 2012: Japan
  • 27 April 2012: Ireland, UK
  • 25 May 2012: Turkey
  • 11 June 2012: Germany
  • 12 July 2012: Portugal
  • 29 September 2012: Hungary