Insidious Chapter 2

September 13th 2013
  • Horror/Thriller,
  • PG-13,
  • 105 min,
  • FilmDistrict
  • Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, Ty Simpkins, Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Danielle Bisutti, Garrett Ryan, Michael Beach, Jenna Ortega, Jocelin Donahue, Steve Coulter, Brooke Peoples, Andrew Astor, J. LaRose, Angus Sampson, Hank Harris, Priscilla Garita, Jorge-Luis Pallo, Edwina Findley, Kimberly Ables Jindra, Randall Yarbrough, Lindsay Seim, Dannay Rodriguez, Sienna Farall, Tom Fitzpatrick, Tyler Griffin, Tim Padilla
  • Director: James Wan
  • Writer: Leigh Whannell
  • Producers: Jason Blum, Oren Peli
  • Co Producer: Rick Osako
  • Associate Producers: Bailey Conway, Phillip Dawe, Jessica L. Hall
  • Executive Producers: Jeanette Brill, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Charles Layton, Steven Schneider
  • Art Direction: Jason Garner
  • Castings: Anne McCarthy, Kellie Roy
  • Costume Design: Kristin M. Burke
  • D.O.P.: John R. Leonetti
  • Editor: Kirk M. Morri
  • Makeup: Eleanor Sabaduquia
  • Music: Joseph Bishara
  • Production Design: Jennifer Spence
  • Set Decoration: Lori Mazuer


The first "Insidious," starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, told the story of Josh and Renai Lambert and their son Dalton, confronting the demons that possess the young boy.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Los Angeles, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Intense sequences of terror and violence, and thematic elements
  • Production Budget: $5 million
  • Production Companies: Blumhouse Productions, Entertainment One, FilmDistrict, IM Global, Room 101
  • Production Schedule: 28 January 2013 - 5 March 2013

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2013 Guide Analysis: "After breaking through with "Saw," Aussie director James Wan tried his hand at another horror tale ("Dead Silence") and a drama ("Death Sentence"), neither of which took off. Taking things back to basics, he and his colleague Leigh Whannell crafted a "Poltergeist"-esque haunted child thriller called "Insidious" and shot it on a tiny budget of $1.5 million. The result was arguably Wan's best work aside from the original "Saw," and a solid movie that earned $97 million worldwide.

That makes it one of the most profitable indie films ever made, so is it any wonder that a sequel is going forward? With all the key cast and crew members back in the same roles, the only question is where the story will go from here. Considering the ending of the first film, this might have to be a prequel, or the more likely scenario of another family being haunted by the same demon. The production doesn't actually being shooting until mid-January, even though distributor FilmDistrict has already slated it for a late August release."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 13 September 2013: UK
  • 2 October 2013: Belgium, France
  • 3 October 2013: Singapore
  • 4 October 2013: Sweden
  • 10 October 2013: Argentina, Mexico
  • 24 October 2013: Netherlands
  • 25 October 2013: Spain
  • 7 November 2013: Denmark
  • 14 November 2013: Hong Kong