The Last Exorcism Part II

March 1st 2013
  • Horror/Thriller,
  • PG-13,
  • 88 min,
  • CBS Films
  • Cast: Ashley Bell, Julia Garner, Spencer Treat Clark, David Jensen, Tarra Riggs, Louis Herthum, Muse Watson, Erica Michelle, Sharice Angelle Williams, Boyana Balta, Joe Chrest, Raeden Greer, Judd Lormand, E. Roger Mitchell, Dane Rhodes, Ashlynn Ross, Andrew Sensenig, Diva Tyler, Marcellus Grace, Deacon John Moore, Gideon Hodge, Cristina Franco
  • Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly
  • Writers: Damien Chazelle, Ed Gass-Donnelly
  • Producers: Marc Abraham, Thomas A. Bliss, Eric Newman, Eli Roth
  • Executive Producers: Ron Halpern, Patty Long, Gabrielle Neimand
  • Casting: Ellen Parks
  • Costume Design: Abby O'Sullivan
  • D.O.P.: Brendan Steacy
  • Editor: Ed Gass-Donnelly
  • Makeup: Nikki I Brown
  • Music: Michael Wandmacher


Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is found alone and terrified in the woods. Back in the relative safety of civilization, Nell realizes that she can't remember entire portions of the previous months only that she is the last surviving member of her family. Just as Nell begins the difficult process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her is back with other, unimaginably horrific plans that mean herlast exorcism was just the beginning.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: New Orleans, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Horror violence, terror and brief language
  • Production Budget: $5 million
  • Production Companies: Arcade Pictures, Strike Entertainment, Studio Canal
  • Production Schedule: 19 March 2012 - 21 April 2012

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2013 Guide Analysis: "While it is easily confused with the wealth of other awful exorcism-themed supernatural thrillers of the last few years, 2010's "The Last Exorcism" is actually one of the more decent ones. Pulling in a profitable $67 million from a tiny $1.8 million budget, the film also scored decent reviews and award recognition such as a 'Best First Feature' nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards. Now comes the follow-up, with Ed Gass-Donnelly taking over as director from Daniel Stamm. Ashley Bell returns as Nell Sweetzer, the young woman who tries to build a new life after the events of the first movie. However, the evil force that once possessed her returns with an even more horrific plan."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 28 February 2013: Russia
  • 13 March 2013: Belgium, France
  • 15 March 2013: Ireland, UK
  • 28 March 2013: Singapore
  • 12 April 2013: Brazil
  • 9 May 2013: Argentina
  • 6 June 2013: Germany