February 22nd 2013
  • Action/Thriller,
  • PG-13,
  • 112 min,
  • Summit Entertainment
  • Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Nadine Velazquez, Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal, Harold Perrineau, Michael Kenneth Williams, Barry Pepper, Benjamin Bratt, Melina Kanakaredes, Rafi Gavron, Judd Lormand, Kym Jackson, JD Pardo, Richard Cabral, James Allen McCune, Lela Loren, Jason Douglas , Edrick Browne, Dane Rhodes , Sam Medina, Carl Bailey, Doris Morgado, Emilia Graves, Ashlynn Ross, Kerry Cahill, Jay Amor, Benjamin Blankenship, Tim J. Smith, Jayson Floyd
  • Director: Ric Roman Waugh
  • Writers: Justin Haythe, Ric Roman Waugh
  • Producers: Tobin Armbrust, Alexander Yves Brunner , Guy East, David Fanning, Dany Garcia, Matt Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Jonathan King, Nigel Sinclair
  • Co Producer: Jillian Longnecker
  • Executive Producers: Becki Cross Trujillo, Justin Haythe
  • Art Direction: Joe Lemmon
  • Castings: Lindsay Graham, Mary Vernieu
  • Costume Design: Kimberly Adams-Galligan
  • D.O.P.: Dana Gonzales
  • Editor: Jonathan Chibnall
  • Makeup: James MacKinnon
  • Music: Antonio Pinto
  • Production Design: Vincent Reynaud


Inspired by true events, the fast-paced action thriller "Snitch" stars Dwayne Johnson as a father whose teenage son is wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime and is looking at a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years. Desperate and determined to rescue his son at all costs, he makes a deal with the U.S. Attorney to work as an undercover informant and infiltrate a drug cartel on a dangerous mission- risking everything, including his family and his own life. The ensemble cast includes Susan Sarandon, Benjamin Bratt and Barry Pepper.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Louisana, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Drug content and sequences of violence
  • Production Budget: $35 million
  • Production Companies: Exclusive Media Group, Imagenation Abu Dhabi FZ, Participant Media, Spitfire Pictures
  • Production Schedule: December 2011 - February 2012

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2013 Guide Analysis: "Stuntman turned filmmaker Ric Roman Waugh impressed with the better than expected Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer vehicle "Felon" back in 2008. Now he returns with this fairly familiar looking action thriller said to be inspired by a "Frontline" documentary which dealt with a Government policy change that encouraged prisoners to dob in their fellow inmates. The trailers have a decent amount of grit, even if the story formula looks highly predictable.

Johnson plays a father whose son (Rafi Gavron) is wrongly accused of drug dealing. Desperate and determined to save him, he makes a deal with the U.S. Attorney (Susan Sarandon) to work as an undercover informant and infiltrate a drug cartel on a dangerous mission - risking everything, including his family and his own life. Added to the mix are Benjamin Bratt as the cartel leader, and former "Walking Dead" star Jon Bernthal as Johnson's "way in" to meet these bad guys."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 21 February 2013: Bahrain, Kuwait, Russia
  • 1 March 2013: Estonia
  • 7 March 2013: Hungary, Singapore
  • 8 March 2013: Romania
  • 14 March 2013: Portugal
  • 15 March 2013: Brazil
  • 20 March 2013: Belgium
  • 22 March 2013: Iceland
  • 5 April 2013: Ireland, UK
  • 18 April 2013: Netherlands
  • 19 April 2013: Taiwan
  • 8 May 2013: France
  • 9 May 2013: Australia, Greece, New Zealand
  • 31 October 2013: Argentina