Tonight You're Mine

May 11th 2012
  • Comedy/Romance,
  • R,
  • 80 min,
  • Roadside Attractions
  • Cast: Luke Treadaway, Natalia Tena, Ruta Gedmintas, Sophie Wu, Gavin Mitchell, Alastair Mackenzie, Mathew Baynton, Kari Corbett, Al Green, Clare Kelly
  • Director: David Mackenzie
  • Writer: Thomas Leveritt
  • Producer: Gillian Berrie
  • Associate Producer: Brian Coffey
  • Executive Producers: Malte Grunert, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross
  • Casting: Kahleen Crawford
  • Costume Design: Kelly Cooper Barr
  • D.O.P.: Giles Nuttgens
  • Editor: Jake Roberts
  • Makeup: Nicole Stafford
  • Music: Brian McAlpine


"Tonight You're Mine" is a free-wheeling rock 'n' roll love story set against the raucous magnificence and unforgettable sounds at a leading music festival - T in the Park in Kinross-shire, Scotland.

Adam and Morello have a big problem. It's not that Adam is the heartthrob lead singer in a famous electropop band or that his girlfriend is a spoiled supermodel. His problem is Morello’s problem. Morello’s problem isn’t that she’s lead singer in a struggling post-punk riot girl band or that she’s dating a banker.

No, her problem is that she has to perform the biggest gig of her life at a music festival while handcuffed to the kind of person she totally despises – Adam. So begins an out-there odd-ball romantic comedy filled with lust, mud, betrayal, booze, portaloos and a hundred thousand people partying to the greatest music in the world. None of whom seems to have the key - not to the meaning of life - but to the handcuffs.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Filming Locations: Scotland
  • MPAA Warning: Language and some sexual material
  • Production Budget: £1 million
  • Production Companies: Sigma Films, Head Gear Films

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Entitled "You Instead" in the UK and other international territories.

The production was filmed in 5 days at the 2010 T in the Park Festival in Kinross, Scotland. As the movie was filmed on site at T in the Park the cast and crew were constantly reacting to their surroundings and incorporating them into the performances.

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 16 September 2011: Ireland, UK
  • 18 April 2012: France