February 10th 2012
  • Drama,
  • Unrated,
  • 97 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: Linda Cardellini, Michael Shannon, John Slattery, Talia Balsam, Emma Rayne Lyle, Paul Sparks, Louisa Krause, Rosie Benton, James Murtaugh, Rutanya Alda, Bonnie Swencionis, Brendan Griffin, Wayne Pyle, Roetta Collins, Edward Crawford, Jennifer Olivera, Robin Taylor
  • Director: Liza Johnson
  • Writer: Liza Johnson
  • Producers: Noah Harlan, Ben Howe
  • Co Producer: Aaron Levine
  • Associate Producer: Charles Birns
  • Executive Producers: Abigail Disney, Amy Rapp, Meredith Vieira
  • Art Direction: Sara K. White
  • Castings: Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee
  • Costume Design: Erika Munro
  • D.O.P.: Anne Etheridge
  • Editor: Paul Zucker
  • Makeup: Amanda Korfine
  • Music: T. Griffin
  • Production Design: Inbal Weinberg


Back from a tour of duty, Kelli (Linda Cardellini) can't wait to rejoin her old life in the Rust Belt town she's always known. She's ready to experience the feelings of everyday life-the carpet under her bare feet, a cold beer in front of the television, the smell of her baby's head. But slowly, her world comes to feel unfamiliar. Her friends love her but seem preoccupied with trifles. Her children need more focused attention than she can give, and as much as he tries, her husband Mike (Michael Shannon) doesn't understand what she's been through. As Kelli's dislocation ripples through her world, she risks becoming an outsider. When she's thrown back on her own resources Kelli has to struggle to find a new way forward.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: New York, USA
  • Production Companies: 2.1 Films, Fork Films, Meredith Vieira Productions

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2012 Guide Analysis: "Liza Johnson's first feature is this indie drama which follows a wife and mother returning from a tour of duty in the Middle East and her readjustment to regular suburban life. Johnson and star Linda Cardellini did a lot of research with both women who have been deployed and those now in V.A. hospitals to try and ensure as much authenticity as possible.

Debuting last May at Cannes, the sole U.S. film selected for the 25-film 2011 Director's Fortnight, reviews were quite good. Most labeled it a success with a small emotional scale and quiet but rewarding virtues.

Focus Features kept the promotional push for the film tightly under control until the other week when stills, a poster and trailer hit ahead of a limited theatrical and digital distribution release next month - an effective strategy that has made it stand out from other art house films opening around the same time."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 6 April 2012: UK