On the Ice

February 17th 2012
  • Drama/Thriller,
  • R,
  • 96 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: Frank Qutuq Irelan, Adamina Kerr, John Miller, Josiah Patkotak, Rosabelle Kunnanna Rexford, Sierra Jade Sampson, Teddy Kyle Smith, Allison Warden
  • Director: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean
  • Writer: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean
  • Producers: Lynette Howell, Marco Londoner, Zhana Londoner, Cara Marcous
  • Co Producer: Kathryn Dean
  • Associate Producers: D.L. Glickman, Crystal Powell
  • Executive Producers: Susanne Adamski, Doug Dey, Cary Fukunaga, Nick Morton, Nick Quested, Rick Rosenthal, Gregory Smith
  • Art Direction: Kay Lee
  • Costume Design: Courtney McClain
  • D.O.P.: Lol Crawley
  • Editor: Nat Sanders
  • Makeup: Nicole Wodowski
  • Music: iZLER
  • Production Design: Chad Keith


"On the Ice" is a suspenseful feature-length drama about two teenage boys who have grown up like brothers in the comfortable claustrophobia of an isolated Alaskan town.

Early one morning, on a seal hunt with another teenager, an argument between the three boys quickly escalates into a tragic accident. Bonded by their dark secret, the two best friends are forced to create one fabrication after another in order to survive.

The shocked boys stumble through guilt-fueled days, avoiding the suspicions of their community as they weave a web of deceit. With their future in the balance, the two boys are forced to explore the limits of friendship and honor.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Filming Locations: Alaska, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Language, some drug content and violence
  • Production Companies: On the Ice Productions, Silverwood Films, Treehead Films

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2012 Guide Analysis: "Shot entirely on location in Barrow, Alaska, this indie thriller from first-time filmmaker MacLean takes advantage of its location by telling a suspenseful tale in an isolated icy town where the sun never sets.

The story follows two teenage boys who have grown up like brothers in this tight-knit locale but are now on different paths - Qalli is about to head to college, Aivaaq just found out his girlfriend is pregnant.

When Qalli comes across Aivaaq fighting and then killing a classmate, the pair try to make it look like an accident. Qalli's father, the head of the local search & rescue team, doesn't buy it though. Cue various plot twists which reportedly unfold in a logical manner and sometimes make key use of the local geography to tell its often noir-ish story.

Reviews from festival debuts late last year complimented the various cast members and the straightforward appeal of this genre effort which showcases a community rarely seen on film. Some though were more mixed or simply not as engrossed with its structure. The film is scoring a limited release in not just New York and Los Angeles but also Fairbanks and Anchorage next month."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 14 December 2011: France