March 16th 2012
  • Drama,
  • Unrated,
  • 97 min,
  • Tribeca Film
  • Cast: Adrien Brody, Marcia Gay Harden, Christina Hendricks, William Peterson, Bryan Cranston, Tim Blake Nelson, Lucy Liu, Blythe Danner, James Caan, Betty Kaye, Sami Gayle, RenĂ©e Felice Smith, Doug E. Doug, Josh Pais, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Betty Kaye, Louis Zorich, Brennan Brown, Samantha Jade Logan, Patricia Rae, Lucian Maisel, Mary Joy, Reagan Leonard, Justin Campbell, Aaron Sauter, Celia Au, Nancy Rodriguez, Chris Papavasiliou, Ralph Rodriguez, Tiffani Holland, April Maxey, Kwoade Cross, Eli Massillon, Tarikk Mudu, Rebecka Ray
  • Director: Tony Kaye
  • Writer: Carl Lund
  • Producers: Bingo Gubelmann, Benji Kohn, Carl Lund, Chris Papavasiliou, Greg Shapiro, Austin Stark
  • Executive Producers: Peter Sterling, Adrien Brody, Marco Frigeri, Andre Laport
  • Castings: Jessica Kelly, Beth Melsky, Suzanne Smith
  • Costume Design: Wendy Schecter
  • D.O.P.: Tony Kaye
  • Editors: Michelle Botticelli, Barry Alexander Brown, Geoffrey Richman
  • Makeup: Ashley Fox
  • Music: The Newton Brothers
  • Production Design: Jade Healy
  • Set Decoration: Candice Cardasis


"Detachment" is a chronicle of three weeks in the lives of several high school teachers, administrators and students through the eyes of a substitute teacher. Adrien Brody stars as Henry Barthes, a substitute teacher, who roams from school to school, imparting modes of knowledge, but never staying long enough to form any semblance of sentient attachment.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Filming Locations: New York City, USA
  • Production Companies: Paper Street Films, Appian Way, Kingsgate Films
  • Production Schedule: 26 July 2010 - September 2010

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 1 February 2012: France
  • 2 May 2012: Belgium
  • 3 May 2012: Russia
  • 13 September 2012: Netherlands