September 9th 2011
  • Drama/Historical,
  • R,
  • 131 min,
  • Other
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It is the early years of the republic and China is in chaos as feuding warlords battle to expand their power and their lands. General Hou Jie (Andy Lau) and his sworn brother Cao Man (Nicholas Tse) are responsible for much of this chaos, and as they conquer of the township of Dengfeng without regard to civilian casualities, they leave thousands of injured and dead in their wake.

Meanwhile, the noble monks of the nearby Shaolin Temple are doing their best to clean up the mess left behind. They throw open the temple doors to the displaced villagers, providing food, medicine, and sanctuary to all who request it. When Hou learns that the monks are sheltering his enemies, he storms the temple, and finds the general of the Dengfeng army heʼd just defeated. Ignoring the pleas of the monks to show mercy, Hou desecrates the temple by shooting his enemy at close range, and threatening the monks.

But Hou is not the only one who lusts for more power- when he is violently betrayed by Cao, he barely escapes with his life- only to find his young daughter is killed in the melee. Abandoned by his wife, wanted by the army he once led, and gravely injured, Hou goes into the mountains to die- where he is rescued by Wu Dao (Jackie Chan), the cook at the Shaolin Temple. With nowhere else to go, the monks reluctantly agree to let him stay at the temple.

As the days pass, Hou finds himself more and more at ease as he learns the ways of the peaceful monks. As he proves himself, the monks invite him to train with them, and Hou begins to release his hatred through Martial Zen. But Cao is not far behind, and war soon reaches the temple, where the monks are ready to fight back- with their unstoppable Shaolin Kung Fu.

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