Last Night

May 6th 2011
  • Drama/Romance,
  • R,
  • 120 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes, Guillaume Canet, Griffin Dunne, Anson Mount, Stephanie Romanov, Scott Adsit, Daniel Eric Gold, Justine Cotsonas, Stephen Mailer, Chriselle Almeida, Rae Ritke, Zach Poole, Jon Norman Schneider, William Clemente, Christian Lorentzen, Steve Antonucci, David Boston, Elisangela DiAlencar, John Treacy Egan, Shevy Berkovits Gutierrez, Samantha Hahn, Cheryl Ann Leaser, Loukas Papas, Karen Pittman, Annie Rohling, Lana Taylor
  • Director: Massy Tadjedin
  • Writer: Massy Tadjedin
  • Producers: Christophe Riandee, Massy Tadjedin, Nick Wechsler
  • Co Producer: Satsuki Mitchell
  • Executive Producer: Buddy Enright
  • Casting: Laray Mayfield
  • Costume Design: Ann Roth
  • D.O.P.: Peter Deming
  • Editor: Susan E. Morse
  • Makeup: Louise McCarthy
  • Music: Clint Mansell
  • Production Design: Tim Grimes
  • Set Decoration: Robert Covelman


The story follows a married couple, apart for a night while the husband takes a business trip with a colleague to whom he's attracted. While he's resisting temptation, his wife encounters her past love.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: New York City, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Some Language
  • Production Companies: Gaumont, Nick Wechsler Productions
  • Production Schedule: November 2008 - December 2008

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2011 Guide Analysis: "One recurring comment I hear from several supposedly film literate writers is that they are curious to see how Aussie hunk Sam Worthington does outside a green-screen heavy action film. That makes me think many of them aren't as up on contemporary Australian cinema as they'd like to believe.

When I first saw Worthington on screen he impressed even in the company of talents like Sam Neill, John Goodman and Toni Collette in David Caesar's 2002 period gangster comedy/drama "Dirty Deeds". He delivered a great dramatic performance in Cate Shortland's bittersweet "Somersault", and he held his own as the straight man to David Wenham's scene stealing yobbo turn in the comedy "Gettin' Square".

When Hollywood beckoned and he became the next action hero, I wondered how long it would take before he would get back around to doing more dramatic work again. This year we have our answer with this Manhattan-set story about fidelity and the lies people tell themselves and their partners.

A mix of international talent - a Brit (Knightley), an Aussie (Worthington), a Frenchman (Canet) and a Latina American (Mendes) came together for this French/US co-production of Gaumont and Miramax Films which marks "The Jacket" writer Massy Tadjedin's directorial debut. Shot in late 2008, the film became one of the victims of the Miramax closure and hand over, so it didn't see the light of day until the closing night of the Toronto Film Festival last year.

Reviews were strong but not unanimous in their praise. The subplot with Knightley and Canet, his first major non-French film since 2000's "The Beach", involves old flames meeting again and the pair of very experienced actors work so well together that it apparently detracts from the less developed Worthington and Mendes 'hot co-worker' storyline. Also the fact the couple both have more obvious chemistry with their potential amours than each other kind of has you wondering why they're bothering with the marriage in the first place. Frankly if I were Knightley, I'd take both - preferably at the same time."

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  • 17 December 2010: Estonia
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  • 13 January 2011: Kazakhstan, Russia
  • 27 January 2011: United Arab Emirates
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