The Ides of March

October 7th 2011
  • Drama/Thriller,
  • R,
  • 101 min,
  • Sony Pictures
  • Cast: George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Evan Rachel Wood, Marisa Tomei, Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Max Minghella, Jeffrey Wright, Talia Akiva, Ewan Bourne, Hayley Madison
  • Director: George Clooney
  • Writers: George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Beau Willimon
  • Producers: George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Brian Oliver
  • Co Producers: Guy East, Tyler Thompson
  • Executive Producers: Leonardo DiCaprio, Nina Wolarsky, Barbara A. Hall, Stephen Pevner, Ari Daniel Pinchot, Nigel Sinclair, Todd Thompson, Jennifer Davisson Killoran, Randy Manis, Jonathan Rubenstein, Matthew Salloway
  • Art Direction: Chris Cornwell
  • Casting: Ellen Chenoweth
  • Costume Design: Louise Frogley
  • D.O.P.: Phedon Papamichael
  • Editor: Stephen Mirrione
  • Makeup: Julie Hewett
  • Music: Alexandre Desplat
  • Production Design: Sharon Seymour
  • Set Decoration: Maggie Martin


An adaptation of Beau Willimon's critically acclaimed play "Farragut North", set during the Iowa primary of a presidential race. The film follows a young press spokesman who falls prey to backroom politics, the treacherous manipulations of veteran operatives and the seduction of a young intern. Clooney plays Governor Morris, a candidate running in the presidential primary race for the Democratic Party ticket. Gosling plays his press spokesman, Giamatti plays a rival campaign manager, Tomei plays a reporter for the New York Times, and Wood plays an intern for the campaign.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Kentucky, USA; Michigan, USA; Ohio, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Pervasive language
  • Production Budget: $18 million
  • Production Companies: Cross Creek Pictures, Exclusive Media Group, Smoke House
  • Production Schedule: February 2011 - April 2011

Featured Articles


2011 Guide Analysis: "Perhaps the most obvious awards contender at the end of the year, George Clooney directs and co-adapted the script with his Smoke House producing partner Grant Heslov - essentially the same configuration behind 2005's acclaimed "Good Night and Good Luck". This time the basis is Beau Willimon's acclaimed play "Farragut North" which itself is loosely based on Howard Dean's 2004 Democratic Primary run.

According to reports, Sony wanted to keep the play's original title whereas Clooney insisted it be changed to the famous portent of Julius Caesar's death. Domestically Sony's argument makes sense as they want to cash in on the play's recognisable name. Outside the U.S. though, neither the play or the DC metro station which it's named after means anything. In fact it makes the project sound like some biopic about an Alaskan explorer and his huskies.

The casting is impeccable - along with Ryan Gosling as the staffer and Clooney as the candidate, there's Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood and Max Minghella. Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Pine both passed on offers for the lead, Pine himself having played the role on stage. Shooting doesn't kick off until February so it'll be a race to finish it in time for awards qualification. Sony and Smoke House plan to get this out in a limited release starting in December before expanding wide next January."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 20 October 2011: Netherlands
  • 26 October 2011: France
  • 27 October 2011: Portugal
  • 28 October 2011: Ireland, UK
  • 4 November 2011: Sweden
  • 11 November 2011: Finland
  • 22 December 2011: Germany
  • 5 October 2012: Hungary
  • 13 October 2012: Italy
  • 14 October 2012: Russia