January 13th 2012
  • Action/Thriller,
  • R,
  • 110 min,
  • Universal Pictures
  • Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster, Giovanni Ribisi, J.K. Simmons, Lukas Haas, Diego Luna, Caleb Landry Jones, Monica Acosta, Robert Wahlberg, Jaqueline Fleming, Michael Beasley,Emily D. Haley, Deneen Tyler, Nedal Yousef, Jay Amor, Douglas M. Griffin, Jack Landry, J. Omar Castro, Jeff Galpin, Michael L. Nesbitt, Shannon Hand, Felder Charbonnet, Anthony Michael Frederick, Jackson Beals, Randy Austin, Juliette Enright, Edward J. Clare, Connor Hill
  • Director: Baltasar Kormákur
  • Writers: Aaron Guzikowski, Arnaldur Indriðason, Óskar Jónasson
  • Producers: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Baltasar Kormákur, Stephen Levinson, Mark Wahlberg
  • Executive Producers: Lisa Chasin, Evan Hayes, Bill Johnson
  • Castings: Sheila Jaffe, Tracy Kilpatrick
  • Costume Design: Jenny Eagan
  • D.O.P.: Barry Ackroyd
  • Editor: Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir
  • Makeups: Erica Brunson, Jami Hight, Carlos Savant
  • Music: Clinton Shorter
  • Production Design: Tony Fanning
  • Set Decoration: Cynthia La Jeunesse


Set in New Orleans, the film explores the cutthroat underground world of international smuggling — full of desperate criminals and corrupt officials, high-stakes and big payoffs — where loyalty rarely exists and death is one wrong turn away.

Chris Farraday (Wahlberg) long ago abandoned his life of crime, but after his brother-in-law, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones), botches a drug deal for his ruthless boss, Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi), Chris is forced back into doing what he does best — running contraband — to settle Andy’s debt. Chris is a legendary smuggler and quickly assembles a crew with the help of his best friend, Sebastian (Ben Foster), for one final run to Panama and back, hoping to return with millions in counterfeit bills.

Things quickly fall apart and with only hours to reach the cash, Chris must use his rusty skills to successfully navigate a treacherous criminal network of brutal drug lords, cops and hit men before his wife, Kate (Kate Beckinsale), and sons become their target.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: New Orleans, USA; Panama City, Panama
  • MPAA Warning: Violence, pervasive language and brief drug use
  • Production Budget: $41 million
  • Production Companies: Universal Pictures, Working Title Films
  • Production Schedule: 13 January 2011 - April 2011

Featured Articles


2012 Guide Analysis: "Unlike a lot of Hollywood remakes of foreign language films, this English-language incarnation of the 2009 Icelandic thriller "Reykjavík-Rotterdam" is not helmed by the same director. Actually in a surprising movie it's the original's leading man Baltasar Kormákur who has slipped into the director's chair and plopped in Mark Wahlberg to play his character in this $40 million version which shifts the action to New Orleans, Panama and the shipping lanes in between.

The story follows a former crim who finds himself pulled back into his old habits - international smuggling - to settle a debt for his brother-in-law with some ruthless drug barons. Assembling a crew to head to Panama and return with millions of dollars in counterfeit bills, things fall apart and he must stop the baddies from making his family their target.

The film itself looks quite polished and better than it has a right to be, yet a mid-January dump by Universal and the general issues with all remakes of this type means I doubt we'll get anything exceptional."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 12 January 2012: Kazakhstan, Russia, Singapore
  • 13 January 2012: Bulgaria, Canada, Pakistan
  • 19 January 2012: Israel, Kuwait
  • 20 January 2012: Estonia, Iceland, Romania
  • 25 January 2012: Indonesia, Philippines
  • 26 January 2012: India, Syria
  • 27 January 2012: Poland
  • 9 February 2012: Hong Kong
  • 17 February 2012: Mexico
  • 23 February 2012: Australia, New Zealand
  • 1 March 2012: Portugal
  • 8 March 2012: Netherlands
  • 15 March 2012: Croatia, Germany, Greece
  • 16 March 2012: Finland, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Turkey, UK
  • 21 March 2012: Belgium
  • 22 March 2012: Denmark, Hungary
  • 23 March 2012: Lithuania
  • 19 April 2012: Argentina
  • 27 April 2012: Brazil
  • 4 May 2012: Sweden
  • 16 May 2012: France
  • 18 May 2012: Italy