47 Ronin

December 25th 2013
  • Action/Adventure,
  • PG-13,
  • 129 min,
  • Universal Pictures
  • Cast: Keanu Reeves, Rinko Kikuchi, Hiroyuki Sanada, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Tadanobu Asano, Yorick van Wageningen, Rick Genest, Haruka Abe, Togo Igawa, Kô Shibasaki, Ron Bottitta, Shihoko Nagai, Tomoko Komura, Chillie Mo, Jin Akanishi, Yuriri Naka, Masayoshi Haneda, Akira Koieyama, Aaron Ly, Junichi Kajioka, Masashi Fujimoto, Derek Siow, Tanroh Ishida, Brian C. Hirono, Sid Man, Siong Loong Choong, Isky Fay, Takato Yonemoto, Jing Lang, Dai Tabuchi, Bhanu Alley, Steven Tsang, Natsuki Kunimoto
  • Director: Carl Rinsch
  • Writers: Hossein Amini, Chris Morgan
  • Producers: Pamela Abdy, Eric McLeod, Scott Stuber
  • Executive Producers: Chris Fenton, Walter Hamada, Erwin Stoff
  • Art Direction: Gary Freeman
  • Castings: Denise Chamian, Priscilla John, Ania Kamieniecki-O'Hare
  • Costume Design: Penny Rose
  • D.O.P.: John Mathieson
  • Editor: Craig Wood
  • Makeup: Sharon Nicholas
  • Music: Ilan Eshkeri
  • Production Design: Jan Roelfs
  • Set Decoration: Elli Griff
  • VFX Supervisor: Garv Thorp


The outcast Kai (Reeves) joins a group of samurai, led by Oishi (Sanada), who seek vengeance on Lord Kira (Asano), who killed their master and banished the group. The samurai embark on a journey whose challenges would defeat most warriors.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Budapest, Hungary; Japan; London, UK
  • MPAA Warning: Intense sequences of violence and action, some disturbing images, and thematic elements
  • Production Budget: $170 million
  • Production Companies: H2F Entertainment, Mid Atlantic Films, Stuber Productions
  • Production Schedule: 14 March 2011 - August 2011

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2013 Guide Analysis: "This 3D fantasy-adventure marks the first full feature from acclaimed commercials and short helmer Carl Erik Rinsch. "47 Ronin" fuses the familiar true story of the title with Japanese-influenced magical elements including giants and witches. The result has drawn comparisons to both "Gladiator" and "The Lord of the Rings."

Filmed throughout much of 2011, the story follows a group of outcast samurai who seek vengeance upon the treacherous warlord who slaughtered their master. Keanu Reeves, playing a half-Brit/half-Japanese man, leads a Japanese cast that was picked for authenticity rather than box-office appeal. All the scenes were reportedly shot in both Japanese and English.

Right off the bat the project seemed like a very costly $170 million gamble for Universal Pictures, especially considering the way "Sucker Punch" and "Immortals" fizzled at the box-office that year. Throughout filming came reports of a very difficult working environment on set, Rinsch's lack of feature film experience apparently causing some friction.

Then came the delays. Originally slated for November this year, the project got pushed back all the way to Christmas 2013. Reshoots to bolster Reeves' role have resulted in the budget creeping to at least $200 million (others say higher), and then came reports of Rinsch's removal from the editing room - reports that were later shot down.

Universal has certainly stepped in to take a more hands on approach to the movie than they had originally intended. The question is if all these issues during the production process will have any effect on the final film? Despite the troubles, Rinsch is said to have delivered something fairly eye-popping. For Universal's sake, let's hope it turns out to be the next "300" rather than the next "John Carter.""

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 6 December 2013: Japan
  • 18 December 2013: Belgium, France
  • 19 December 2013: Netherlands, Singapore
  • 25 December 2013: Greece, Hong Kong
  • 26 December 2013: UK, Hungary, Ireland, Serbia
  • 27 December 2013: Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey
  • 2 January 2014: Russia
  • 3 January 2014: Finland
  • 9 January 2014: Argentina, Australia, Denmark
  • 10 January 2014: Norway
  • 30 January 2014: Germany
  • 31 January 2014: Brazil
  • 13 March 2014: Italy
  • 14 March 2014: Sweden