Henry's Crime

April 8th 2011
  • Comedy/Drama,
  • R,
  • 108 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: Keanu Reeves, Judy Greer, Vera Farmiga, James Caan, Peter Stormare, Fisher Stevens, Bill Duke, Currie Graham, Danny Hoch, David Costabile, Julie Ordon, Sarah Glendening, Jordan Gelber, Elena Beuca, Rosemary Howard, Chris Kerson, Audrey Lynn Weston, Ken Marks, Mark Anthony, Tim Lajcik, Michael A. Collette, Jason Fisher, Mitch Giannunzio, Allel Aimiche, Gideon Banner, Buddy Landel, Stephen Gleason
  • Director: Malcolm Venville
  • Writers: Sacha Gervasi, David N. White, Stephen Hamel
  • Producers: Stephen Hamel, David Mimran, Keanu Reeves, Jordan Schur, Lemore Syvan
  • Associate Producers: Jake Hoffman, Geoffrey Taylor, Trevor Undi
  • Executive Producers: Alison Palmer Bourke, Scott Fischer, Sacha Gervasi, Stephen Hays
  • Art Direction: Pierre Rovira
  • Casting: Cindy Tolan
  • Costume Design: Melissa Toth
  • D.O.P.: Paul Cameron
  • Editor: Curtiss Clayton
  • Makeup: Maya Hardinge
  • Production Design: Chris Jones
  • Set Decoration: Laura Hyman


Working the night shift as a toll collector on a deserted stretch of highway in Buffalo, New York, Henry (Keanu Reeves) is a man without ambition, dream or goal. He gets his wake-up call early one morning when he was an unconscious participant in an unscrupulous bank heist.

Rather than give the names of the real culprits, Henry took the fall and go to jail. There he was the irrepressible Max (James Caan), a con man who’s grown far too comfortable with the security and certainty of his “idyllic life behind bars. He was not about to leave prison. But he helped plant idea in Henry’s mind that his life changed forever. On his release a year later, Henry finds his purpose. Did the time, he decided he might as well do the crime.

Discovery of a long-forgotten drinks smuggler’s tunnel, which stretches from the very bank to a theater in the street, he made his reluctant recruits former cell mate a troop increase. Their plan is simple: By infiltrating the theater and the current production of “The Cherry Orchard, “The unlikely duo will be just enough time to dig to buy their way o the bank vault and drive off into the sunset. Unfortunately, the plan also includes Henry taking the lead role in the play where he finds himself slowly falling for the production’s leading lady took, Julie (Vera Farmiga).

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Filming Locations: Buffalo, USA; New York City, USA
  • MPAA Warning: Language
  • Production Budget: $12 million
  • Production Companies: Company Films, Firstar Films, Henry's Crime, Inspired Actions, Mimran Schur Pictures

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2011 Guide Analysis: "Playing the film festival circuit this Fall, this $12 million self-actualisation comedy follows an apathetic man who finally finds emotional catharsis with the help of a cellmate (Caan) and later a stage actress (Farmiga) who nearly runs him over. An Anton Chekhov play the actress stars in is juxtaposed with the actual heist and the blooming romance.

Moving Pictures, who've generally handled home video titles thus far, made this their first official big title pick-up from Toronto this past year and are planning at least a decent sized theatrical run. Reviews out of the fest called it an enjoyable but low-key comedy that effectively changes expectations at several points in the first half before settling down into a conventional format.

Sacha Gervasi (director of "Anvil! The Story Of Anvil") penned while Malcolm Venville ("44 Inch Chest") directed the film in which Caan's performance in particular looks to be a highlight. Should be fun, but certainly not for everyone."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 14 January 2011: UK
  • 7 April 2011: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
  • 21 April 2011: Netherlands
  • 6 May 2011: Turkey
  • 14 May 2011: Armenia
  • 16 June 2011: Greece, Hong Kong
  • 21 July 2011: Singapore