Cold Weather

February 4th 2011
  • Drama/Thriller,
  • Unrated,
  • 96 min,
  • IFC Releasing
  • Cast: Cris Lankenau, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Raúl Castillo, Robyn Rikoon, Jeb Pearson, Brendan McFadden, Ben Stambler, Katy Rothert, Paul Rothert, Jerry Moyer, Virgil L. Howell, Barry Seltzer, Orianna Herrman, Elliott Glick, Joshua Locy
  • Director: Aaron Katz
  • Writers: Aaron Katz, Brendan McFadden, Ben Stambler
  • Producers: Lars Knudsen, Brendan McFadden, Ben Stambler, Jay Van Hoy
  • Executive Producer: Jack Turner
  • Art Direction: Joshua Locy
  • D.O.P.: Andrew Reed
  • Editor: Aaron Katz
  • Music: Keegan DeWitt
  • Production Design: Elliott Glick


After abandoning a promising academic career in forensic science, aimless Doug returns to Portland to live with his more responsible big sister. His latent passion for detective work is stoked when his ex-girlfriend goes missing and he and his fellow slacker sleuths are drawn into Portland's not-quite-seedy underground.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Filming Locations: Oregon, USA
  • Production Companies: Parts and Labor, Parts and Weather, White Buffalo Entertainment

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2011 Guide Analysis: "Aaron Katz, the award-winning indie filmmaker who helped pioneer the mumblecore movement, gets a much bigger budget than usual (several hundred thousand dollars this time) to pull off this slacker mystery/comedy tale which helps evolve his filmmaking style into something more promising. Unlike most indie mysteries which emphasise darkness, edge or grittiness, 'Weather' is an old-fashioned, crowd pleasing detective yarn mixed with comedy stylings and shot (using the RED digital camera) with a crisp and very professional look against the wet and leafy backdrops of Portland.

It's a genre not heavily explored aside from maybe British TV series "Jonathan Creek" which often pulled off that tricky mix of dry comedy, quirky characters, slow build suspense and well-constructed conundrums tidily solved by the end. Here, Katz tries to fuse that with some of his more familiar relationship drama elements in the hopes of giving a genre movie more character depth and complexity, while keeping the story at a more personal and thus realistic level.

Yet while reviews from the festival circuit have been strong, they are venues where mumblecore sensibilities are embraced. Thrown out into a larger world more familiar with the genre elements of thrillers, the slow build and lack of budget will probably frustrate those not used to Katz's style and lack of structure. Personally however this looks very much up my alley, and a trailer from earlier this year shows a visually more interesting film than its limited budget would lead you to believe."

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