January 28th 2011
  • Comedy/Sci-Fi,
  • Unrated,
  • 86 min,
  • Other
  • Cast: Thomas Dekker, Juno Temple, Chris Zylka, James Duval, Kelly Lynch, Haley Bennett, Andy Fischer-Price, Brennan Mejia, Carlo Mendez, Roxane Mesquida, Jason Olive, Brandy Futch, Nicole LaLiberte, Natalie Alyn Lind
  • Director: Gregg Araki
  • Writer: Gregg Araki
  • Producers: Gregg Araki, Sebastien Lemercier, Andrea Sperling
  • Co Producer: Pavlina Hatoupis
  • Associate Producer: Beau J. Genot
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Schwartz
  • Art Direction: J.B. Popplewell
  • Castings: Jenny Jue, Johanna Ray
  • Costume Design: Trayce Gigi Field
  • D.O.P.: Sandra Valde-Hansen
  • Makeup: Lorraine Martin
  • Musics: Robin Guthrie, Vivek Maddala
  • Production Design: Todd Fjelsted
  • Set Decoration: Kristen Rajterowski


Smith's everyday life in the dorm - hanging out with his arty, sarcastic best friend Stella, hooking up with a beautiful free spirit named London, lusting for his gorgeous but dim surfer roommate Thor - all gets turned upside-down after one fateful, terrifying night.

Basic Information

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Production Companies: Crispy Films, Desperate Pictures, Graveyard Machine, The Next World, Why Not Productions

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2011 Guide Analysis: "A year after "Thelma and Louise" came "The Living End", an independent film which had a similar premise but made the protagonists two gay HIV+ men. It was raw, intense and signalled the arrival of a new talent in the form of filmmaker Gregg Araki. In the subsequent two decades, he's delivered several trippy films involving young, good-looking omnisexual people having lots of graphic sex and dealing with some wacky cobbled together plot shenanigans.

The tone has ranged the light-hearted "Splendor" and "Nowhere" to the darker "Mysterious Skin" and "The Doom Generation". From a nude Joseph Gordon-Levitt getting raped in the former to Jonathan Schaech licking his own semen off his hand in the latter, Araki pushes the boundaries in a way that often stops his films from finding mainstream appeal.

Yet it also makes him one of the few American filmmakers still working who is at least refreshingly frank about sexuality on screen and has no issue taking it places that'll make many uncomfortable. If Araki had made "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", Scott wouldn't have fought each evil ex-boyfriend - he would have had to fuck each one of them into submission.

Now comes his tenth film which screened at Cannes last year and contains many of his usual traits including "bi-curious escapades, conspiracy theories, drug trips, mysterious cults, men in animalmasks, witches, telekinetic powers and post apocalyptic visions" according to one review. It's an utterly bonkers mish-mash of the excessive and the surreal from his 'Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy', while skipping the underlying nihilism of those earlier works in favour of the more upbeat tone he used in "Splendor" and "Smiley Face".

The cast look fun, especially Juno Temple as a highly-charged sexual dynamo and Chris Zylka as Thor, the Adonis of a roommate torturing the male lead with his constant nudity and innocent gay flirting. Even the awesome James Duval shows up for a small role as a wise hippie stoner nicknamed 'The Messiah'. It is a low budget B-movie, but the sheer energy and craziness make this one to watch out for."

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Worldwide Release Dates

  • 6 October 2010: France
  • 4 March 2011: Finland