Filming Begins On The Dark Knight

Test shooting is underway on “The Dark Knight” with filming having took place in Chicago over the last few days.

Superhero Hype indicates that filming on one action scene takes place tonight and features one of Joker’s clown goons robs the “Gotham National Bank” set-up inside the old Chicago post office building. A school bus has been spotted inside the building for some reason and photos can be found here.

Other locations, like the Gotham Police Department roof where Gordon chases the suited Bruce Wayne the first time in “Batman Begins”, have been redressed and ready for filming.

Second unit filming will take place shortly across Chicago whilst principal photography begins at the end of the month in London before moving back to Chicago from June til September.

Of course the biggest question still remains – the new look of the Joker. Several sources say Warners plans to unveil it at this year’s San Diego Comic Con in July, but the concern is that an out of context tabloid photo will appear first and so a shot may emerge even earlier than that.

A source for Batman on Film says that preliminary designs show him having “gray skin with lots of scarring” to encapsulate a general scarier look Nolan has planned. They add that the outfit will be “raggedy,” like something he just threw together without stopping to make sure everything matched.