Film Planned Of Stephen King’s “Rose Madder”

Palomar Pictures have announced they are developing a feature film adaptation of one of the better works of Stephen King’s 90’s efforts – “Rose Madder” reports Variety.

The story interweaves a gruellingly detailed take on spousal abuse with dark fantasy touches as it follows Rose McClendon, a woman who escapes her violently abusive police officer husband and goes on the run.

Setting up a new life at a women’s shelter, she comes upon a painting into which she’s able to travel inside of – a painting of a beautiful yet insane woman looking across a field at a labyrinth with a one-eyed bull-like beast inside it. Her husband however is a psychopathic bloodhound who ruthlessly sets out to track her down.

“In America” co-scribe Naomi Sheridan has penned the script adaptation and plans to shoot the film sometime in the next eighteen months.