Fight Over Who’ll Play John Holmes

I’ve often heard fights between men over who has got the biggest penis, but now one such fight is literally becoming headline news.

A casting battle in ensuing over DJ Caruso’s upcoming John Holmes biopic over at New Line Cinema. Various actors are throwing their hats in to play the man who remains arguably the 20th century’s most famous porn star.

At present Edward Norton remains tipped to take the role, but none other than Justin Timberlake is campaigning hard to slip on the fake dong (although rumours say he may not need one) and perform the role says Contact Film.

The film will take a darkly comic, but ultimately tragic look at Holmes’ life including the drug abuse and waning years as he succumbed to AIDS. More importantly though it’s said to be featuring real sex scenes ala “Shortbus,” so whichever star takes it will certainly have to measure up.

Talks are also apparently underway for other roles in the film which include Ron Jeremy, Tracy Lords and Harry Reems. The film will also be displayed using the Real 3D technology (sadly no IMAX co-release planned). A Summer 2008 theatrical rollout is expected.