Fifty Shades Heading For $60M Debut

Just over a week out from release, early estimates peg the domestic opening weekend of Universal’s hotly anticipated “Fifty Shades Of Grey” film adaptation to be around $60 million over the four day President’s Day holiday weekend.

Since tickets went on sale on nearly a month ago, the film has fuelled the revenues of advance ticket sale operators who reported a 37% surge in January sales versus a year ago thanks to both ‘Grey’ and the continued success of “American Sniper”.

What’s interesting is that hard-R rated ‘Shades’ is pulling in its best advance sales figures from many Southern and Midwest states, the generally more conservative areas of the United States which also refuse to book NC-17 films.

Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky and Alabama in particular are seeing much larger than expected pre-sales, with Louisiana, North Dakota, South Carolina, Iowa and Tennessee also performing robust business.

Source: Deadline