Fifth Rambo Planned, Fourth Divides

Harvey Weinstein tells Deadline Hollywood Daily that another “Rambo” sequel is already planned and will involve “bringing the character back to the United States.”

The comments come after the fourth film “Rambo” opened to a solid but unspectacular $18.1 million and second place spot over the weekend. Weinstein is bullish over its economic prospects, despite “Rambo III” taking in $53m domestic back in 1988 – an amount this “Rambo” isn’t expected to top despite two decades of inflation.

Weinstein’s hopes lie in the international market as the “Rambo” films, like the James Bond series, have consistently made 75% of their profit overseas – a quite different margin than other action franchises like superhero films or the Jason Bourne series which earn notably more domestically than internationally.

Yet analysts predict Harv may be disappointed with global totals considering the political climate change in the past two decades, and the anti-American sentiment (or more specifically the anti-Bush sentiment) that has pervaded even other Western cultures in the post-Iraq environment.

Even more fascinating however is the line between critic and audience reaction to the film. Critics have been mixed/mildly negative with a 37% rank and a 4.9/10 score for the film on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 46% rank on Metacritic. Audience results however have been bullish with a 9.1/10 user rank on Metacritic and a 8.5/10 score from 4,000 votes on The IMDb..