Fifth “Pirates” On Hold Due To Depp

Filming on “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” has come to a halt due to an injury sustained by the film’s star Johnny Depp earlier this month.

Depp left the set three weeks ago following an off-set hand injury in Queensland. The actor headed back to the United States for surgery which had to include a pin being inserted into his hand to help fix the problem in the long term.

Depp was originally only going to be away for two weeks, and filming continued on scenes not involving Depp. However, this past Thursday some 200 crew (around half of the entire production) were told that they would not be working for the next few weeks – not until production is slated to get underway again on April 15th.

The delay is not expected to have any impact on the film’s July 7th 2017 release date.

Source: Variety