“Field of Dreams” Field To Host Actual Game

Field Of Dreams Field To Host Actual Game

When “Dodgeball” sports cable network ESPN8 ‘The Ocho’ came to life (albeit briefly), it was a joy for those in overlap section of the sports fans-cinephiles Venn diagram. Now something similarly cool is happening again, this time inspired by the Kevin Costner-led 1989 classic “Field of Dreams”.

The original film has Costner playing an Iowa farmer who hears a mysterious voice which leads him to build a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield – a place where the spirits of dead baseball players like Shoeless Joe Jackson start to play.

The film was shot on a farm site in Dyersville, Iowa and now ESPN reports that the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox will play a game at the field around this time next year – August 13th 2020 to be precise. A temporary, 8,000-seat ballpark will be built at the site to accommodate the first major league game played in Iowa.

Construction on said park begins this coming Tuesday and the setup will include a pathway through the cornfield for fans, while the right-field wall will be broken up by windows to show the cornstalks beyond the wall.

Source: ESPN