Ferrell On “Anchorman,” “Zoolander” Sequels

Out doing press for “Everything Must Go”, Will Ferrell answered questions about his next few projects including a bunch of sequels that have been rumoured to be in the works.

Ferrell says he knows nothing about a “Zoolander” sequel. He and John C. Reilly have kicked around ideas for a “Step Brothers” sequel but nothing approaching a solid idea or premise as yet. The comedy “Southern Rivals”, in which he stars alongside Zach Galifianakis, will go into production in the Fall.

“Anchorman 2” on the other hand he had quite a bit to say. The project was looking good until the studio and the filmmakers disagreed on the budget and the studio made the decision not to go ahead with it at this time last year.

Ferrell tells Cinema Blend that “Anchorman 2, you really have to assert some sort of email hate campaign to Paramount Pictures. They’ve told us, ‘We’ve run the numbers and it’s not a good fit.’ We were going to do almost a reverse… almost like how the Marx brothers used to do – we were going to do a Broadway musical and then have a film come out after the stage show. Everyone we tell the idea loves it, except for the studio that owns the rights. Ball’s in their courts, but they’re being idiots.”