Fernando Meirelles Planning Onassis Biopic

“The Constant Gardener” and “City Of God” director Fernando Meirelles is re-teaming with ‘God’ scribe Braulio Mantovani on “Onassis”, a potentially controversial biopic of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and his relationship with the Kennedys reports Vulture.

Based on Peter Evans’ book “Nemesis”, the story will apparently focus on Aristotle’s contentious relationship with Bobby Kennedy, the latter had Onassis’ business practices investigated and barred him from trading within the United States.

Evans asserts that the power struggle, which included a battle over access to Jackie O, got so heated that Aristotle eventually helped finance the assassination of Bobby. Meirelles sees it as “a sort of Godfather, with Onassis at the center”.