Feige Trying To End The MCU’s Bland Film Villains

In one area, the Marvel Netflix shows have beaten their MCU film counterparts hands down – villains. Vincent D’Onofrio’s brutal and tragic Kingpin, Jon Bernthal’s violent anti-hero The Punisher, David Tennant’s twisted & unhinged Kilgrave, and now Mahershala Ali’s reprehensible and shame-fuelled Cottonmouth have left far greater impressions than all of the MCU film villains aside from Tom Hiddleston’s deliciously slimy Loki.

The question of bland villains in the MCU is one that has been talked about and debated for some time, a lot of them just being bland evil versions of the hero. Marvel’s Kevin Feige recently explained the logic behind that approach and thankfully indicates they are moving away from that formula:

“Clearly we will get to that [non-doppelganger match ups]… You want to have characters that inhabit the same world when introducing a new world, a new mythology for lack of a better term. You want to explore that as much as you can…

[With Doctor Strange] when you’re teaching an audience about sorcerers and that reality and you’re going to talk about the past anyway and you’re going to get into their history anyway, much better to tie-in your bad guy with that instead of laying all this groundwork of parallel dimensions and sorcery and say, by the way, a meteor hit on the other side of the world, it went under the water, and this evil thing developed. What does that have to do with magic? Nothing… That’s not the way we’ve developed them up to this point.

Needless to say as more characters encounter each other in other films they’re certainly going to be up against things that they don’t know anything about and have no comparable to.”

The “Doctor Strange” film opens November 4th.