Feige Talks “Ultron” Title, More Loki

In an interview after the Marvel panel on Saturday at Comic Con, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige briefly discussed “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and answered two questions that have come up in recent days.

First up, despite the title being the same as a recent comic book run, the story will NOT be taken from that run:

“It’s not that [run’s] story, but it’s that title. It’s been in the works for seven or eight months… There are some things in this movie, that you’ll see in 2015, that arise directly from casual conversations Joss and I had on the set of the first one. ‘Would it be cool if…?’ ‘That would be cool!’

We came up with a few titles, but every month a new comic book appeared, and that’s a great title. Age Of Ultron is a great title. We had a few other ‘Of Ultrons’, but that was the best one. So we’re borrowing that title, but taking storylines from decades of Avengers storylines.”

Feige also brought up the topic of Tom Hiddleston’s character of Loki and indicates that due to such great fan reaction, we can expect to see him sticking around.

“We think Loki could be the big bad for us, for a long time” says Feige who adds that the team plans to “keep following their instincts.”

Source: Empire Online