Feige Talks Hulk Sequel & Thor In “Avengers”

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige tells SFX Magazine (via Superhero Hype) that he hopes that their upcoming “The Avengers” is more than just a “team superhero movie with a bunch of characters with powers”.

In the process he let slip that the Hulk, a character that hasn’t been as firmly linked with the film as Iron Man or Thor, is a definite for the project. He also hasn’t ruled out a potential second “Incredible Hulk” film with Edward Norton, saying “That would be post-‘Avengers,’ if it happened… I think there’s a chance. It’s certainly our intention to use the same actors from film to film where we can.”

One of the biggest questions with “The Avengers” is the still lingering question of mixing heightened reality-based heroes like Iron Man, Nick Fury, Hulk and Captain America with the outright mythological fantasy hero Thor. Feige was adamant it won’t be a problem, saying “we’re doing the Jack Kirby/Stan Lee/Walt Simonson/J. Michael Straczynski ‘Thor.’ We’re not doing the blow-the-dust-off-of-the-old-Norse-book-in-your-library ‘Thor.’ In the ‘Thor’ of the Marvel Universe, there’s a race called the Asgardians and we’re linked through this Tree of Life that we’re unaware of. It’s real science, but we don’t know about it yet. The ‘Thor’ movie is about teaching people that.”

Amongst the other characters in the Marvel library he wants to get into production in the near future are the likes of Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Black Panther and Iron Fist.