Feige On Various Marvel Projects

With “The Avengers” junket in Los Angeles over the past few days, pretty much every outlet invited has been scrambling to post quotes from people – mostly Marvel’s Kevin Feige – about the status of his company’s next few projects. While many of these ‘exclusives’ are essentially the same information albeit with a few different words, some important factoids have emerged. Here’s the pertinent information:

At present Marvel has four announced films (and several more in development) on its slate – “Iron Man 3” for May 3rd 2013, “Thor 2” for November 15th 2013, “Captain America 2” for April 4th 2014, and a still as-yet unknown project for May 16th 2014 which will be announced shortly.

Feige tells Coming Soon that the new Iron Man & Thor films will essentially be stand-alones while the second ‘Captain’ will “have more in common with the backdrop of ‘Avengers’… Tony Stark can go home to Malibu and deal with his own circle of friends and his own sort of military industrial complex that the world of Stark Industries inhabits. Thor as you will see initially leaves the planet and goes back to Asgard and has to deal with the Nine Realms, and to reconnect with Jane Foster. Cap is the only one that can’t go home again. His home is gone, and how he deals with the modern era will be the crux of that movie.” There will be some period flashbacks but they’re still undetermined as to the extent.

Feige tells Collider that filming on the “Thor” sequel begins in three months in London and deals with the fallout of the Bifrost being destroyed at the end of the first film and how it has affected the Nine Realms. Loki will have a part in the film but he’s not the primary villain.

Also there are no plans for Marvel and Pixar to team up on a feature, no plans to do a new “Hulk” movie with Mark Ruffalo, and they have an option for Joss Whedon to direct a sequel to “The Avengers” when the time comes.

That mystery fourth film in May 2014 is not Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” which Feige hints we’ll hear something about in coming months. The two best guesses at the moment are the previously announced “Doctor Strange” and “The Guardians of the Galaxy” movies.

Crave Online pressed him for more on ‘Guardians’ and he confirmed the characters will be from the more recent era of the comic rather than the original – “It’s more Star-Lord and Drax and Gamora, and less Vance Astro and that team.”